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Kannon Jeffers has been cut off from his wealthy family. At 25, Kannon does not have much direction if it doesn’t involve partying or shopping and, after the latest scandal coverup, his family has had enough. Kannon was always told he was never good enough and the constant comparisons to his older brother have left Kannon always feeling alone. But Kannon needs money and he’s heading on a path he’d rather not be forced down. His direction changes when the good-looking man he sees near the elevator every night asks him to marry him, or rather, blackmails him into marriage.

Preacher has been planning and waiting for vengeance for years. When he sees Kannon, he sees a clear path to fulfilling his plan of taking down Kannon’s family. The only thing he doesn’t expect is the intense attraction to the man. Kannon is gorgeous and fierce, but as Preacher learns more of Kannon’s story, his protective instincts kick in. The men don’t want to be married to each other and both see it as a means to an end, but the heat between them is real and neither man wants to admit they are better together. Except, Preacher’s secrets are so great they could destroy them both.

It’s great when the title of book really fits the story and Craving You is the perfect description for how Preacher and Kannon feel about each other, as the craving they have for each other is potent throughout the entire book. Craving You follows Remember Me in the Dread+Terrible series and the relationship between Preacher and Kannon is new to this book and the core of their interactions do stand alone. However, Preacher and all the men in this book have a long history that crosses books and reading an Ashton book is an entire mood and an entire vibe. While there are well placed and concise references made, I certainly appreciated knowing all that had transpired along the way.

Preacher has a plan. It’s been a plan that has consumed him since he was teen and now at 40, he’s ready to move forward. He didn’t expect Kannon to be part of that plan. But Kannon, whether he’s dressed up or Kannon dressed down, is the perfect one for Preacher. And, Kannon is also part of the family that Preacher is trying to dismantle.

Kannon has recently been cut off from his family. While he does like to shop and party, there is a depth to him that his family has refused to see. He’s not interested in the family business and comparing Kannon to his older brother has become the standard routine. Kannon does need financial help at this point and, while he does not want to marry Preacher, even if there is an end date, he can’t help being wildly attracted to the man.

Kannon is all fierce and snark when he needs to be to counter Preacher’s coldness, but the men are also on fire together and can be soft and tender when they think no one is watching. Their relationship is fake only halfway as Preacher’s crew knows the deal, but Kannon’s family does not and while Kannon gets that he was blackmailed into marriage, even he doesn’t know the entire story. And speaking of the crew, the family these guys have made is indestructible and their found family highlights the heart of these books. The guys are reformed criminals and there is always an edge of moral ambiguity that Ashton does so well time and time again.

Craving You is lighter on the angst and darkness for an Ashton book. Preacher and Kannon are all fierce and fire and confrontation, mixed with tender moments, vulnerability, and some high heeled shoe kink as they navigate the feelings they don’t think they want to have as they carve out their own happy ever after.

Note: The blurb for this book lists it as book two in the series. Technically it would be book three as the first book was Dirty Desire. Dirty Desire is only now available from the author’s website, which may be the reason for the shift in numbering.

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