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Once again, we venture back to Joker’s Sin nightclub to learn the story of its rocking DJ, Ledger. He and the bartender, Shane, have been making eyes at one another discreetly for quite a while. While the two of them are at a con where Ledger is a featured panelist, Shane feels like a fifth wheel, especially when the sexy Trinity, another DJ and friend of Ledger’s, is around. Is that jealousy that is rankling Shane? No doubt, but he has nothing to worry about because before the event is over, he and Ledger will finally admit they are attracted to each other. Unfortunately, someone else is also watching Ledger and turns out to be someone who won’t let anything or anyone stand in their way. As mysterious gifts keep arriving for Ledger, his friends convince him to take the threat of someone stalking him seriously. Then there is a fatal accident and Ledger is faced with the fact that the person after him will stop at nothing to have him—even if it means getting rid of everyone who threatens to stand in their way.

Heart Beats is the third novel in Davidson King’s ongoing Joker’s Sin series. With lots of heart-stopping action and even more sweet and sexy romance, this is a marvelous book to add to the collection. If you have not read this series from the beginning, I suggest doing so, as there are connections here to earlier stories. In this new book, we catch glimpses of Atlas and Toby, as well as Max and Sparkles, the couples featured in the last two stories. Ciro, the bouncer/security team leader for the bar, is also heavily represented in this novel and I am crossing my fingers that the author will feature him in their next installment.

I enjoy how these books all reveal so much about the main characters they are focusing on. We learn all about Ledger and Shane’s backstories, from their childhoods to the present day. We also see a side of Ledger that has never been revealed before and it turns out he is quite the romantic. When he finally decides to push aside his fears of getting close to Shane, he goes all in and honestly, there are a few passages in this novel that made me sigh with happiness at how eloquent and loving a person Ledger turns out to be. I also absolutely love Lion, his pet, and thoroughly enjoy how he becomes like the third character in this story. Moments featuring Lion tend to be light and funny, something needed in the more anxiety producing scenarios Ledger and Shane are experiencing.

I really love visiting Joker’s Sin each time Davidson King decides to highlight another staff member from the bar. As always, nothing is as it seems in Haven’s Hart where Joker’s sin is located, and it is still a dangerous and exciting place to live. With lots of action, a fair bit of romance, and a fabulous epilogue, Heart Beats will no doubt be a hit with fans of this series.

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