Rating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novella

Adam needs a change, so he quits his job, packs his car, and heads south, intent on Florida and finding a new life. But halfway there, Adam stops in a small town to get some apples to snack on, helps an elderly lady get her watermelon home, and ends up with a dinner invitation. There he meets the woman’s son, Scott, and his wife, Sasha.

Scott and Sasha are very much in love, but they used to be much more adventurous. However, a child and Sasha’s medical career, not to mention the small town, has curbed that. But they are both instantly attracted to Adam, and it doesn’t take much coaxing to get Adam to spend the night with them.

One night turns into two, and then more. The three fit together well, and not just in the bedroom. After a week, Adam doesn’t want to leave, and Scott and Sasha down want him to go. Can the three of them create a new family?

This book is on the shorter side, and the very definition of sweet with heat. The chemistry that pours off the three MCs is smoking right from the start, but interspersed with all the erotic sexy times, there’s real conversation. It’s mostly told from Adam’s third person POV, which makes sense as this is really his journey.

Adam’s lost his mother, and that’s the only family he has. He’s looking for something more, and he winds up in Scott and Sasha’s arms. And he fits there, with them in a relationship, and with their family. Their daughter, Collette, takes to him easily. And Adam quickly assumes the role of another parent. Scott and Sasha are not only open with their bodies, but with their minds and hearts as well.

This story is quick, and there’s no angst to speak of. This is just two men and a woman finding a new and real relationship, and falling into the ease of it. I liked that it was easy, that it felt real, if a little quick. The authors do a good job of showing how open and accepting Scott and Sasha are, and it’s easy to believe that when they find a new partner in Adam, they’ll do what it takes to keep him. I would have liked to see just a little more discussion, and just a little bit more of them getting to know each other. Another chapter between the final two would have been good here, just to flesh out their relationship more.

But this was just a feel good quick read, and one I can recommend if you’re looking for heat and sweet.