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Length: Novel

Between working at the library and his family’s business, Matteo knows he’s spread thin. He wants to help his parents, but he prefers his time at the library. With only one library in town, Matteo is beholden to the librarian that has been there for years and she doesn’t like Matteo much. After an unsatisfying day at work, Matteo hooks up with a stranger, only for things to go bad. When Matteo sees the guy months later, he confronts him, only to be horrified to realize it’s not the hookup, but the man’s twin brother, Levi.

Levi’s twin, Spence, causes him nothing but headaches and Levi is currently looking for him. Growing up with a politician mother, the boys were never at ease and the effects are still showing, even though they are grown. When Levi meets Matteo, he thinks the bow-tie wearing librarian is cutecutecute. The two men become friends and their hearts start to align with each other, but Levi still has to find his brother and deal with the trouble attached to him. Both men have their roots set in different states, but for once the men will have to put themselves first.

Hookup at the Library takes place in Shelby Beach and the town ties the characters together. While previous MCs appear here, if you want to read this on its own, that would work. I like the beach town here and the descriptions of beach life and the neighborhood shops, but I could not get into these characters or this storyline. I think there might be appeal for other readers, but much of it did not appeal to me.

Matteo is a hard worker and he barely has a moment to himself. Between his job at the library and helping with the family business, he’s overcommitted. His boss at the library is an older woman who talks to him like a child instead of a coworker and Matteo just takes it all. He desperately wants to find love and have a romance like in his favorite books, and he makes bad choices in his pursuit of this. The latest bad choice is Spence, Levi’s brother.

Levi is in town to find Spence and deal with the fallout of a family situation and Matteo winds up helping him. Levi knows the history between Matteo and Spence up front, but the men are attracted to each other. And that was my biggest issue with Matteo. Every attraction he had to a man he was already thinking steps ahead of where he wanted a relationship to be and he came off as more desperate than romantic. I couldn’t feel the pull between Matteo and Levi as they negotiate their attraction and then their roles in the bedroom.

There is family drama, mostly with Levi’s family, and the flow was too regimented for me as the men moved from one scenario to the next and it all was entirely too predictable. If you like the librarian trope mixed in with mistaken identity and family drama, this might work out better for you.

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