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Length: Novella

I see the Light by Arden O’Keefe is a lovely Christmas story and part of the Elves After Dark collection that certainly reflects what the giving season is all about. It helps that the main character, Heath, is actually one of those good souls all year round. He is one of those people who is actually misunderstood, labeled as being too “different” or “weird,” and very lonely. It doesn’t help that he can also hear what animals are saying. Heath is only half human and the story concentrates on him meeting his “guardian elf,” Shea, and finding out he must make a life-changing choice by the end of the night. But things don’t go quite as Shea intends. Shea likes Heath and vice versa, but the fact that Heath is not prepared to give up who he is may mean they might never really get a chance to explore their feelings.

I might be going against the tide of popular opinion here, but I am not a huge fan of how this book ends. There are a lot of loose ends left dangling, especially when it comes to what will happen with Heath and Shea and their future as a potential couple. The story kind of leaves us with a happy for now resolution. Plus, we never get a fix on what will happen to a young boy whose story is a curveball thrown at Shea and Heath near the end of the novella. When you add that to the sudden shift in Heath’s opinion regarding Shea from silly “elf boy” to potential happy ever after partner for life, I must admit this story left me at loose ends.

I do think fans of this series will enjoy this latest installment and those just looking for a feel good holiday moment will also find it in I see the Light. For me, I think the story is a bit unfinished and short on detail, but still a nice holiday-themed selection.

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