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Length: Novella

Reunion is book 4.5 in the Silk and Steel series and the books are intended to be read in order. This review will naturally reveal plot points from the series.

Eroan and Lysander are on a long journey to a new world. It’s been a rough trip by ship for both of them and they arrive to a world where elves are in power and dragons must be registered and follow the laws. The elves and dragons appear to coexist here and both Eroan and Lysander are wary of everyone.

Lysander had no idea of the real reason Eroan took him to the other side of the world until Lysander sees the black dragon. Lysander knows that dragon all too well, for it is Akiem, the brother he thought was dead. When truths are revealed, Eroan is afraid he may have taken one step too far, and Lysander will have to decide if he can accept any of it as some hurts cut too deep to forgive.

Silk and Steel is one of my favorite series. My reading definitely leans heavier to contemporary, but this dark fantasy series captures my imagination again and again. The series had mostly resolved except for the issues between Lysander and his brother, Akiem, and this is definitely the book I needed and definitely the book the characters needed as well.

The Black Prince is Akiem’s book and offered a lot of insight into the world and mind of the troubled dragon prince. This book picks up shortly after that as Akiem and the elf, Zane, are doing their best to make a relationship work. Akiem never expected his brother to show up halfway around the world and find him.

It was incredibly easy to fall back into this world and Nash’s world building skills remain superior. The relationship between Lysander and Akiem runs through this entire series and there is so much hurt and so much betrayal and so much blood that has spilled between the brothers, it’s difficult to imagine a way through all of it. Told at times from all four points of view, Nash perfectly blends them all and weaves some closure for the brothers and shines light on new beginnings for the couples. There is a little bit of everything in this shorter book as the men fight, love, and reveal deeply hidden secrets. I did appreciate that Nash still doesn’t make it easy for these guys, and here I mean that on the best of terms, as the relationship between Lysander and Akiem cannot repair itself after one conversation and the author gave them a reunion that remained true to their story.

It’s also impossible not to appreciate any character that gets to call out, Eroan Ilanea, with the inflection that fits the scene, and if you have listened to the audios of this series, you will understand.

It’s now even more difficult to say goodbye to these characters as this finale puts them on their respective paths to their futures. If dark fantasy interests you even the smallest amount, the Silk and Steel series is highly recommended.