Rating: 2 stars
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Length: Novel

Silver loves his job working in the stables in Santa’s Village watching over the magical reindeer that pull Santa’s sleigh. He has always had a special bond with Dasher and when Dasher is not feeling his best, Silver is tasked with watching him through the night. Except one night, Dasher the reindeer vanishes and a beautiful elf is in his place.

Dasher needs time to figure out what is going on and Silver promises to keep his secret. Silver feels guilty for being attracted to Dasher, but Dasher returns those feelings and they know they have a special bond. But Christmas is almost here and they both know that Dasher has to regain his reindeer form to fly with Santa. Silver knows he has to do the right thing, but if Dasher flies off, he will take Silver’s heart with him.

This is a shifter fantasy novel and I was hoping it would be a fun, cute book, but I didn’t find that here. Silver is new to Santa’s Village and loves his time in the stables. He’s fond of all the reindeer, but has a soft spot for Dasher. Silver is 40, but since elves age slower, he looks about 25. He has lived a quiet life and has little experience with relationships and comes across as sheltered and simple. Dasher is hundreds of years old and, given he has lived his life as a reindeer, I would expect for him to come across as more innocent, but the combination of the two of them was a little too much naïveté for me.

Dasher has no idea what is happening to him when he shifts into an elf and doesn’t want Silver to alert anyone, especially Santa. For the first half of the book, Silver continues to go work like nothing is wrong, Dasher hides in Silver’s cabin, and Silver and Dasher start to process their attraction to each other. It was a long time for so little to be happening with the story.

The second half of the book offered more insight into Dasher’s past, but the story didn’t appeal to me. Also, most of the dialogue was not for me, with passages like this when Dasher and Silver are intimate:

“I need you here. Please,” he begged. “I can feel myself craving it, craving you inside me. I’m not female, but I can’t help it. I want you in me, Silver. Please!”

Santa also often refers to them as “sweetheart,” and he started coming off as creepy. I didn’t find what I was looking for here and these characters weren’t the ones for me.