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Length: Short Story

Jamie may not love his job, but he is getting good at hiding in plain sight. If he didn’t have to deal with groping hands and occasional drunken attacks, life might be a bit better, but when you’re on the run, beggars can’t be choosers. It’s been months since Jamie has been able to contact his family and, while a fake name and living off the grid hasn’t been easy, it’s kept him safe till now.

Once Jamie sees the familiar face in the leather bar he works at he runs—straight into oncoming traffic. Now he’s awake, in the hospital, and has no idea who he is and why he feels such constant fear of being discovered. The only person he thinks he can trust is Bubba, the bouncer from the club, but even he will be in danger if Jamie is tracked down.

L.M. Somerton’s new short story, Secret’s Hold, is a fast-paced, gripping tale about a young man who witnesses a murder and discovers one of the main culprits is the up and coming PM in the Ministry of defense. When he runs in order to save himself and his family, he begins work at a leather bar where he meets Robbie, aka Bubba, one of the bouncers. It is Robbie who will end up helping Jamie and who has a secret of his own. Robbie is no stranger to dangerous situations, but when Jay finds himself in real trouble, he wants to do whatever he can to keep Robbie from being hurt or possibly even killed.

There is virtually no let up once this story starts moving along to an inevitable conclusion. With things like kidnapping, beatings, and an attempted rape, be forewarned there is a lot that can trigger those who are sensitive to such issues. However, each element falls together to produce a riveting and dramatic moment in time and I would definitely love to see this expanded into a longer novel. We barely touch the surface of who and what Robbie actually is, while getting a pretty complete picture of Jay. Both men are actually very interesting and, as a couple, there is so much possible for this author to explore should they choose to go in that direction because the initial groundwork laid about both men is just that good. This is also a mere snippet of their beginning romance and boy does it whet the appetite for more.

Good short stories are hard to come by. I often feel as though something vital is missing, but Secret’s Hold manages to avoid that and ends up being quite an imaginative, action-packed story.

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