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Length: Novel

Troy Ashton has spent his life preparing to become a solton. It’s a position of honor, but his friends and family are stunned when he’s told he’s not to be a solton, but a tuohygan, a once in a generation selection. Troy is torn between being elated and devastated, because along with the title of Super, tuohygans are mated only to males. Troy considers himself straight and initially rejects his new title because he knows he’ll never be happy with another man. And then he meets Beckett Dolan, his chosen mate.

Aside from being sweet and funny, Beck is caring and utterly accepting of Troy. First compelled by biology and then by true affection, Troy comes to love Beck and takes up the mantle of tuohygan. But these pairings are so rare that Troy and Beck are in for some shocking changes as they move forward in bonded life. Those changes will bring danger and joy to both men, but as long as they have one another, they can manage anything.

The Adventures of SuperTroy is one of those books that is sometimes sweet, often absurd, and overall marred by a weaker writing style.

Being a superhero is one thing, but actually being called Super smacks of the ridiculous (and yes, Superman, I’m looking at you) and it’s these kind of details that leave The Adventures of SuperTroy feeling a bit silly. The premise is pretty thin and there isn’t enough world-building to flesh out the vision the author was offering. It isn’t terrible, but it it just didn’t read as unique or particular fantastical. There is mpreg and, while it isn’t an all consuming part of the story, it’s still present so consider yourself warned if it’s not your thing.

Despite the silliness of the plot, Troy and Beck are a rather sweet couple. Troy, on his own, is basically an ass, but once he’s with Beck, we see his softer side and he’s more likable. I’d say there’s a borderline insta-love effect here, which isn’t my favorite, but we do get to see Troy and Beck grow into a more complete couple by the end of the book. Neither Beck or Troy are particularly deep characters, but there’s enough structure to keep from them from being caricatures too.

So the writing in The Adventures of SuperTroy wasn’t my favorite. This isn’t a YA story, but the writing structure was somewhat juvenile and, for whatever reason, it tended to rub me the wrong way. I can’t say there is anything intrinsically wrong with it and I’m perfect willing to admit that it could just be a “me” thing. Another reader may not have any problems at all. But regardless, the writing style, especially when combined with the uneven plot, didn’t make for a seamless reading experience.

The Adventures of SuperTroy isn’t a terrible book and I suspect some of you will like it just fine. But it didn’t work for me. The overall plot was just either too silly or just lacking in the kind of overall depth of character and storyline that I prefer. That said, if you enjoy mpreg or want a different take on the superhero mythos, then you might enjoy The Adventures of SuperTroy.

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