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Length: Novel

When Damien realized that law school wasn’t for him, he found himself working at Café Seuil. During the day, he’s the café manager and, in the evenings, he has one of the private rooms above the café for entertaining clients. The rooms have magical doors that bring in clients looking for more than the café menu provides. Damien now has all of his school debt paid off and has cut back on all of his clients except for one. The man he can’t stop thinking about.

Ty visits the café once a week and he comes to see Damien. Ty knows he can’t stop seeing Damien and he knows the reason why. He finally gets to the point where he needs to make Damien only his, but Ty has a secret that he feels will lose him Damien for good.

K.P. Maxwell is a new author for me and The Problem Client starts the Men of Café Seuil series and follows the men that work there. When I opened the book to discover it was written in third person present tense, it was jarring, as that is not a tense that works best for me, but I settled into it as the story went on.

This book focuses on Damien and introduces us to the magical café where he works. After Damien left law school, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do and when a door appeared that brought him to the café, he found a new home. The magic is only loosely explained here and we are only told that the owner, Melanie, controls it. A door to the café can appear for people who need it, but as it was a working location, it wasn’t clear if anyone could find the café and come into it.

Damien knows he’s ready to stop escorting, but he’s less certain about leaving his job and friends at the café. He also isn’t ready to give up his Thursday night client and wants much more with the man outside of their appointment time. Damien doesn’t know anything about his client, but he knows he’s falling for him.

Ty is a mystery for a good portion of the book and maybe a little too mysterious. He is a wealthy businessman who is known in the community, but even at the end of the book, there was not enough given on Ty’s background, his business, or the community of which he is a high ranking member.

I did like that I wasn’t sure where this story was going and the small reveals that happened throughout the book. There is a magical and a paranormal element to the story and the guys that work at the café have a close bond and they all have stories to tell, but I needed a little more from several areas in this book. When Damien and Ty do move forward with their relationship, it doesn’t go quite as planned and with Ty still remaining too mysterious, the story started losing momentum for me.

The book ends on a soft cliffhanger and it’s mentioned that the next book is about another character, which will be fun, but Damien and Ty’s story is not complete. The café offers an intriguing setting for this series and all the characters were interesting as well. I enjoyed the reveals that happened throughout the book, but at some point, I felt that too much was being held back. I will be looking for the next book and will look forward to further reveals about the men of the café.

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