Story Rating: 3.75 stars
Audio Rating: 4 stars

Narrator: Kirt Graves
Length: 9 hours, 12. minutes

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Kieran McAllister left his pack and his family and took refuge with the pack he was taught was the enemy—the Kincaid pack. Kieran was abused and is traumatized and keeps to himself now in the Kincaid manor. But Kieran is well aware that Bennett is there also, and he seems to see Bennett, the alpha’s second-in-command, wherever he goes.

Bennett Young can’t get Kieran out of his head or out of his dreams. But being a tiger shifter, Bennett was brought up to believe that tigers don’t have mates. However, Bennett wants to protect Kieran and be with Kieran all of the time.

As their bond grows stronger, so does the unrest with Kieran’s family demanding his return to their pack. Kieran wants nothing more than to stay with Bennett and the Kincaid pack, but his past and his family will surely threaten to destroy everything if he stays.

The Second and His Bonded continues the Kincaid Pack series with Bennett and Kieran’s story. Bennett is Rick’s second, and Kieran has sought refuge in the Kincaid pack as he left his own pack and his abusive family. There is a larger storyline throughout the books and this one would work best being read in order.

When the book opens, Kieran is scared and scarred and feels like his stay with the Kincaid pack is temporary. He keeps mostly to himself in his room and, while the pack is concerned about him and Bennett wants to take care of him, no one realizes what the isolation is doing to Kieran’s wolf.

The story divides its time between the growing bond and relationship between Bennett and Kieran and then the larger story of Kieran’s family and their quest for power. I like the overall story here, but something in the writing kept sticking out at me and the dialogue was a little too basic for my tastes. At times, I had to think around the style and tone here to get to the heart of the story. The plot moved at a good pace with highs and lows, but the lows were almost too low for me and the story stalled out at a few places. I also always look for shifting in shifter novels and there was some here, but it all felt too choreographed as “okay, it’s now time for everyone to shift.”

Rick and Kai and the secondary characters that were introduced in The Alpha and his King are all back and it adds to pull the entire story together and reinforces the that Rick always wants the best for his pack. At the end, there is still more to come and I would look into how the story plays out in the end.

Kirt Graves again narrated this installment and I always enjoy his performances. I do know him from another well-known shifter series and there are some of the same names in both series. While I do understand he’s only reading the written word, it’s difficult not be reminded of his other work. The voices here stayed true to the first book and Graves has a large repertoire of voices for the larger cast of the series. Graves makes this a well-rounded book to listen to and he’s a narrator I will choose to listen to time and again