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Ky has a crush on the handsome barista at Wonderful Mug. The very human barista. Not that there’s anything wrong with humans! In fact, Ky tends to prefer them for his brief flings since, as a magical EMT and witch, he doesn’t have much time to commit to a relationship. Especially when that relationship will always be second to the one he shares with his familiar, Zuri. His bond with her is everything. (And doesn’t she know it!) It doesn’t stop Ky from flirting with Ewan, though, or for asking him out. It also doesn’t stop him from being crushed when Ewan turns him down, much to Ky’s brother’s delight.

Ewan has a crush on the handsome EMT who comes into the Wonderful Mug for coffee. But, thanks to what he is — an achubydd  — it isn’t safe for him to be around supernatural creatures. He, his sister, and their  youngest brother Wil wear amulets that hide their magical nature and take drugs to keep them from being able to use their magic, which would out them to the paranormal world. But it’s been a long year and Ewan is lonely. He wants to be kissed, to be held, and he wants the person to have his first kiss and first, well, everything to be Ky.

When a plague starts attacking the supernatural community, striking at the alphas of werewolf packs worldwide, Ewan has a choice to make. Achubydd are healers, and powerful ones. But their need to please and their vulnerability to abuse and suffering leave them vulnerable and they’ve been hunted to near extinction. Ewan and his small family are the last of their kind, but if Ewan doesn’t step up … the world may see the destruction of yet another supernatural race.

Witch Under Wraps, the second in the Mythmatched series, is … adorable. There’s something about the comfortable familiarity, as well as the charm and creativity with which the author approaches the world building and the characters, that’s just fun. Ky, short for Kentucky, is a self-centered gigolo who has a shotgun approach to relationships. He charms someone, has a good time, then dumps them and moves on without a thought for what happens to them after. He’s not an uncaring person when it comes to his friends and family, just when it comes to his flings.

Really, he’s kind of a jerk and blames it all on his bond with his familiar. He is a witch, and she is as much a part of him as his magic or his heart. He adores her, loves her, would die for her and die without her, and he uses her as a shield against any and all relationships. Until Ewan. Ewan who turns him down, Ewan who leaves him behind. Ewan who doesn’t seem to want to get close to Ky. Because Ewan makes him work for it, Ky is more interested and more willing to exert himself. And when he learns that Ewan isn’t human, Ky’s entire outlook changes. Not just because Ewan is a special and rare form of supe, but because Ewan is someone he can share everything with, someone who will understand Zuri’s importance to him. Ewan is an equal, not just eye candy.

Ewan is almost too sweet to be believed. He’s cautious, understandably so since he saw his family — his entire species — wiped out. His younger brother won’t speak and neither Wil nor Mari can even bear to leave the apartment. Ewan is getting by. And he’s lonely, and he’s afraid. Ky cures the one, and is there for him when he’s the second. Not that Ewan is leaning on Ky as his only support. Ewan gets as much, if not more support from his family than from Ky, and never wavers in his own sense of self.

Looking at it, this story shouldn’t have worked for me the way it does. I dislike the love them and leave them hero changed for the better because of the love of a true, sweet innocent … but somehow, in this story, it all works. Because Ky may be distant and reserved, but he’s not heartless. He’s willing to take Ewan’s no and roll with it, afraid only that he might lose the friendship they’ve developed because Ewan won’t trust him to not take it personally. And Ewan, sweet and innocent though he may be, is no fainting flower. He’s strong enough to not only shoulder the burden of his family, but to open himself up to their love and support.

This book is a quick, fun read with no angst and a lot of sweetness. It’s as light as a feather and as pretty as a cupcake. I’ve already gone back and picked up the first book and, if there’s a third — I so hope there’s a third — I’ll be grabbing that, too. If you want a friendly book with great world building and fun characters, try this one. It’s well worth the read.

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