redemption audio coverStory Rating: 4.25 stars
Audio Rating: 4.25 stars

Narrator: Darcy Stark
Length: 8 hours, 41 minutes

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Redemption, the fifth book in Eden Winters’ Diversion series, wraps up a three-story mini arc that starts with Corruption. We have been following along as Lucky and Bo worked to stop the distribution of a dangerous new street drug, then followed the supply chain into Mexico. Now, in Redemption, we see the aftermath of that case. The guys made it out of Mexico with their lives, but Bo is dealing with addiction and, as the book opens, he is in a rehab center. Even once he gets out, Bo isn’t himself, still struggling with returning to normal life after being undercover as Cyrus Cooper, as well as dealing with the frustration of not arresting Stephan. For his part, Lucky is doing all he can to be there for Bo, but he is struggling as well, not sure how to help his partner.

This story does a nice job tying up a lot of loose ends, as well as bringing the guys forward in their relationship. I like the way this book really showcases how far the men have come together. Seeing Lucky comfortable declaring his love for Bo, showing affection, and planning their future is so rewarding after he struggled early on. I also love Lucky’s relationship with his co-worker, Rhett. Lucky isn’t a guy to let people in easily, but Rhett just sort of barrels through until she breaks down his walls. But watching Lucky have a true friend who cares about him, and even more, for him to recognize how important she is to him, is really sweet. And as I said, we get a nice resolution to some of the open issues, both with the case, as well as some larger storylines. So this is a really great installment and a definite must read after Corruption and Manipulation. For more details on the story, check out my original review of the ebook.

Five books in, I continue to really enjoy Darcy Stark’s narration. He has very much become the voice of Bo and Lucky for me, and I think he does well with the tone of the stories, with the quieter and the more intense scenes each getting the right feeling. I appreciate the variety of southern accents, with not everyone sounding exactly the same. And there is nice consistency across the series, with the regulars being easily recognizable from one book to the other. I still think at times Stark gets too biting a tone, making characters sound angry when the story doesn’t seem to call for it. But I feel like overall, his narration is solid and really enhances this series.

I say this with every review, but the Diversion series is one of my favorite romantic suspense series and I am really enjoying reliving it through the audio. If you enjoy suspense, especially with an opposite attract vibe, definitely check these out in either format.