best of 2020 badgeToday we are capping off our series of Annual Favorites with our Favorite Covers of 2020!

I make no secret that I go crazy for a good cover, and I think that covers are a critical part of a book sales. A great cover can have me grabbing a book, so it is always worth celebrating some of the beautiful artwork.

Here are my favorite covers of 2020!

boyfriend material cover

Cover art by Elizabeth Turner Stokes

two rogues cover

Cover art by Patricia Barrow

fantastic fluke cover

Cover art by Natasha Snow

love in slow motion cover

Cover by Amai Designs

candy hearts cover

Cover art by Cate Ashwood

they both die at the end audio cover

Cover art by Erin Fitzsimmons and Simon Prades

edge of the world cover
deven and the dragon cover

Cover art by Natasha Snow

hanged man cover blood laced cover
lacuna cover dust feast cover

I also want to call out a series that released this year and has amazing covers, the On the Market series by E.M. Lindsey, with covers by Amai Designs. I think they are all super gorgeous, but my favorite part is the clear connection between Free and Steady, which each feature one of the brothers, Rocco and Lorenzo. The covers also get the attitudes just right for these men.

love him free cover    love him breathless    love him wild cover    love him steady cover    love him desperate cover




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