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Today I am so pleased to welcome Grace R. Duncan to Joyfully Jay. Grace has come to share an exclusive excerpt from her latest release, Because I Want To. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!



Adam laid his head back against the seat and closed his eyes. He prayed to any deity that might listen that the nausea would stay away at least until the first classes were done. The toast might have been a bad idea. At the time, it seemed it was going to stay down.

Now, he wasn’t so sure.

A warm body next to him had Adam opening his eyes. Matt set a bottle of orange juice on the table in front of him. “Oh God, I love you,” Adam nearly moaned as the took the bottle and opened it.

Matt chuckled and kissed Adam’s temple. “I love you.”

Adam’s heart skipped a beat. Matt had said that more than once since they’d confessed the day before, but Adam still wasn’t sure what to do with it. He could hear the sincerity in Matt’s voice, but it was a little hard to believe his—how many years’?—unrequited love was actually not unrequited. He’d certainly replied, and it had helped that Matt had said it first. It still made him wonder about Matt confessing now—right after Adam told him about the pregnancy. Did he really love Adam, or was that to help ease Adam’s worries because Matt would know Adam had them in abundance? Adam wondered if he was overthinking it, but then again, it had all just happened the day before. He just needed a bit more time.

“I didn’t think cravings showed up this soon,” Matt said, drawing Adam’s attention back to him.

Adam shrugged. “I have no idea. This is the first time I’m going through it.” He pushed his worries away for the moment and grinned at Matt, deciding to play a little. “And it’s all your fault.”

“All mine? Only half mine, thank you.” Matt laughed. “Guess we’re both learning, then. Might need to go buy a book or three.”

“Oi.” Adam rolled his eyes. “You don’t really have to go to those lengths.”

Matt leaned in and murmured into Adam’s ear. “The man I love is having my baby. I think this is the perfect time to go to ‘those lengths.’”

Adam couldn’t very well argue that. At least, not in a way Matt would appreciate or agree with. He focused instead on sipping his juice slowly so it didn’t come up. Craving something apparently didn’t exempt it from his nausea.

He’d dodged Matt’s questions about what was going to happen between them and with the baby. The problem was, Adam had no idea what to do aside from the two givens, at least as far as he was concerned: having the baby and keeping it. All that time he’d spent worrying about trapping Matt, and what had ended up happening after all? It wasn’t like he hadn’t tried to avoid pregnancy. The only thing more they could have done that they hadn’t was to not have sex.

Adam could all too well imagine how that suggestion would have gone over. Yeah, not. He could admit to himself, he wasn’t exactly keen on going through his heat without sex. He still wondered what happened—had the condom failed? Or was there something more to it? He could acknowledge his and Matt’s bodies seemed really damned compatible, and Adam couldn’t help but wonder if there wasn’t some part of him that, even without an actual pair bond, recognized Matt as his alpha. Matt was the only person Adam had ever had sex with, and, thus, the only hormones he’d been exposed to. Adam wasn’t entirely unhappy with the idea that his body recognized his best friend as his alpha. If he was going to be compatible with anyone, he’d want it to be Matt.


Omega Adam and Alpha Matt have been best friends all their lives. Matt has been there for Adam from his first heat. They’ve never been apart and Adam has never considered being with another person. So, it confuses Matt when Adam refuses to allow Matt to bite and pair with him.

Adam has seen for himself what happens when an alpha leaves his paired omega, when his mother went through the excruciating pain of a new alpha bite. Knowing his best friend as well as he does, he knows that if Matt ever bit and paired with him, Matt would never leave and consign Adam to the pain of a new bite or a life without sex. But Adam knows that it wouldn’t matter how Matt felt, he’d stay even if he felt trapped by the situation, making them both miserable and hurting Matt badly.

When Adam finds himself pregnant with Matt’s baby, he panics. All his attempts to keep Matt from getting trapped have been useless. With no idea what to do, he ends up hurting Matt anyway. If he doesn’t come to terms soon with his fears, he could find himself completely alone and losing the only person he’s ever loved.


Grace Duncan grew up with a wild imagination. She told stories from an early age – many of which got her into trouble. Eventually, she learned to channel that imagination into less troublesome areas, including fanfiction, which is what has led her to writing male/male erotica.

As someone who loves to travel and see new places, Grace has lived all over the United States. She has currently set up camp in East Texas with her husband and children – both the human and furry kind.

As one of those rare creatures who loves research, Grace can get lost for hours on the internet, reading up on any number of strange and different topics. She can also be found writing fanfiction, reading fantasy, crime, suspense, romance and other erotica or even dabbling in art.

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