Today I am so pleased to welcome May Archer to Joyfully Jay. May has come to talk to us about her latest release, On the Run. She has also brought along an exclusive excerpt and great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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I forced myself to run faster and headed down toward the beach, where the horizon was still tinged pink. I pushed myself until I was breathless and dripping with sweat, and only when I was pleasantly exhausted did I allow myself to run back to Mason and Fenn’s place, where I dropped to the ground beside the guest house and forced myself to do three sets of sit-ups and push-ups for good measure.

I was nearly done my second set of push-ups when I heard the clink of china through the open kitchen window, and then a voice muttering, “Who the hell, in actual America, has a cabinet filled with twelve kinds of herbal tea and no coffee?”

I told myself Toby’s outrage was not amusing and spread my hands wider, increasing the burn on my muscles.

“Oh ho! So we meet again, nemesis.”

I paused with my chest in the air and my hands still flat on the ground.

“Don’t you look at me like that, hussy! How dare you just sit there grooming yourself after what you put me through.”

Oh, God. Marjorie. I started to scramble to my feet to rescue one of them—I wasn’t sure which—but a second later, Toby hmphed.

“Nothing to say for yourself, then? You’re just going to try to stare me down? Fine. Fine. You won’t win this round, I assure you. I can out-stubborn the stubbornest human, so I can sure as heck out-stubborn you. In fact, I hardly notice your existence.”

Oh, God. Was he using reverse psychology on my cat?

“Also, I adore cats. I am thrilled that you’re sitting there on the floor watching me with your freaky eyes. I am in no way put off by your presence or—motherfucker!—by the way you’ve jumped on the counter to stalk me. I am perfectly sanguine. Sanguine, I tell you!”

I lowered myself to the ground and just lay there for a second, chest to the concrete, breathing deeply. Toby was talking to my cat like she’d know what sanguine meant when I wasn’t entirely sure what sanguine meant, and shit, I really, really, really needed to stop thinking about him.

Clearly, the run had done jack shit. I was just glad he’d be leaving the island soon. And once he was safely on a flight back north, with his weird visit to the island just a blip in my memory banks, I’d spend some serious time meditating and cleansing my chakras, reminding myself of exactly what I wanted.

My energy must have gotten blocked by loneliness or anxiety or something. I’d been trying so hard to manifest my soul mate that I’d manifested this crazy attraction… to the wrong guy. I hadn’t even known a person could do that, but trust me to be the first idiot to manage it.


on the run coverWhispering Key, Book 2

I was supposed to be partying with a bunch of celebrities in paradise this week, okay?

But then I made one teeny, tiny error in judgement before leaving New York, and suddenly the paparazzi expected me to give a command performance as “the other man” in their straight celebrity “outing” of the week.

Um, no, precious. So much no.

Instead, I did what any self-respecting, secret-keeping man would do in that situation: I cancelled my trip and fled New York to hide out in the last place anyone would look for me–a weird little Florida island where nothing exciting ever happened.

Or at least it didn’t… until I arrived.

Now I find myself shacked up with my fake boyfriend Beale Goodman, Whispering Key’s most adorable, most enormous, most virginal cinnamon roll—a guy who rescues feral cats, believes in soulmates, and talks about happiness like it’s free for the taking.

A guy who nearly convinces me, with every smile and kiss, that it is.

Stranger still? I find myself falling for the people on the island. Fitting in, instead of sticking out. Making, you know… friends. And for the first time ever, I think I’ve found something I want to run to, rather than from…

As long as I can keep my secrets from catching up with me.


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May is an M/M author who lives in Boston. She spends her days raising three incredibly sarcastic children, finding inventive ways to drive her husband crazy, planning beach vacations, avoiding the gym, reading M/M romance, and occasionally writing it. She also writes MF romance as Maisy Archer.

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