best of 2020 badgeThe end of the year is upon us! And I don’t think I’m the only one out there glad this year is finally ending. But on the upside, that means it’s time to reflect back and take a moment to remind you, and myself, of the best books I’ve read this year. It’s been one heckin’ bob of a year, and this list is on the shorter side. But oh I have read some good ones, so here’s your chance to take a look, and see if any strike your fancy. Without further ado, and in no particular order, here’s my list!

Soulbound Series by Hailey Turner—There were two more installments in this series this year, A Vigil in the Mourning and On Wings of War. This series sucks me in and won’t let go. It’s complex, twisty, and oh so well done. Gods, goddess, mythos, pantheons, werecreatures, magic users, and so much more. Turner has made my list in one shape or another for several years now, and probably will continue to. The world building is inventive, the narrative well done, and the pacing spot on. (And if audio is your thing, I also highly recommend that. Gary Furlong does a really great job).

lacuna coverLacuna by N.R. Walker—I’ve long been a fan of this author, but this book in particular worked really well for me. It’s inventive and has a great twist, and I was all in from the beginning. If you’re looking for epic fantasy in the MM genre, then this is absolutely one to pick up.

The Sea Ain’t Mine Alone by C.L. Beaumont—I picked this one up in Reading Challenge Month on my recommendation fairy’s suggestion and I was so glad I did. This story is beautiful, in depth, and wholly riveting. I was so pleasantly surprised at just how good I found it, swept up in this 1970s tale of redemption, surfing, and all encompassing love. I still think about it from time to time.

Drifter by Eden Winters—There was a quietness about this one that I can’t quite accurately describe. But it’s a story of healing, of two men who were broken for different reasons, but who found their way to each other by chance, and in the end were able to support each other as they healed and moved forward. And fell in love. While not perfect, the story stuck with me long after I finished it, and that’s why it’s made the list.

His Fairy Share by Meghan Maslow—The world Maslow has created for the Starfig Investigations series is full of fun and amusement, while also carrying a weight that balances everything nicely. I’ve liked each book more than the last, and this one in particular, was spectacularly epic.

And to end things, I want to give a special shout out to the books in Macy Blake’s The Chosen One Universe. This series and all its spinoffs aren’t perfect, and the world building, while inventive and interesting, definitely has some inconsistencies that catch and niggle at my brain. But they’re fun and hot, and full of love and great characters. They’ve become something of a comfort read for me, a way to soothe the anxiety, which has been sorely needed. If you haven’t been following along, there are plenty of books to read to catch up, and the world is ever growing as Blake keeps adding to the Magical Mates and Hellhound Champion series.

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