Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Finn is still reeling from a painful breakup where he came off as boring, stodgy, and basically all wrong for his ex-partner, Evan. But it’s been six months and Finn’s friends miss him so his bestie, Christian, is determined to get him out of the house and into the action. When Finn spots the hottie at the bar, he nearly swallows his tongue, then he realizes the guy is his younger brother’s best friend, Jasper. With “hands off” screaming in his head, Finn ignores the return looks from Jasper that indicate his own lusty thoughts and walks away. Days later, the handsome Jasper is his new housemate and Finn is torn up inside with all kinds of wrong thoughts about how he wants the man in his bed. But lust morphs into more for both men before long and the worry that living in such close quarters will ruin any chances they may have at a real relationship are front and center.

Annabelle Jacobs has released a sweet holiday romance, A Christmas Break, that is sure to thrill her fans. I really enjoyed meeting Finn and Jasper and especially loved Angus, the cat. The sexual tension in this novel is off the charts from page one and the idea that these two men are actually quite level-headed and like to communicate is a real win for me. I am so used to reading romance novels where miscommunication is the crux of all the drama that unfolds. It is so refreshing to have a novel where the main characters act like the adults they are and still manage to be sexy and interesting.

I think the only drawback to this story is the fact that we never get a real full picture of what it is Evan did that made Finn so gun-shy and down on himself. We definitely get an idea, but there are times in the story where information is deliberately left out to create a kind of faux suspense-filled moment, only to be revealed later. That never really happened with the Evan and Finn breakup; we just know that no one liked the guy, except Finn. Other than that little niggle, I felt this was a truly lovely romance between two very mature men, despite them both being in their younger twenties.

A Christmas Break is a very nice way to kick off your holiday reading. I certainly liked it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a low-angst holiday story.