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Jacob is not only uncomfortable at the club where he and his partner once played, but downright uneasy as he visits with his old friends before he leaves the States and its painful memories behind for the next five years. Hopefully, it will give him some much needed distance from the sorrow and guilt that clings to him like a second skin ever since the death of his beloved boy to cancer. Since then, Jacob has denied his Daddy Dom tendencies and all forms of companionship—even his friends. This visit is to simply close out the chapter in his life that forces him to remember losing the love of his life.

But with the crashing sound of glass, Jacob is drawn into the life a potential little who is in need of a Daddy to help him discover his limits and what kind of little he wants to be. Before he knows, it Jacob has not only offered Lucas a temporary hom,e but a short term Daddy/little relationship as well. They have exactly twenty-eight days to unlock just what it is Lucas needs and to find a Dom willing to give it to him. That person cannot be Jacob; there is still too much raw pain inside him and Lucas can’t possibly help him heal from it all…or can he?

Victoria Sue offers up the second novel in her Unexpected Daddies series with A Daddy for Christmas. Featuring two wounded souls, for very different reasons, the author explores how the right amount of kindness, caring, and intuitiveness can unleash healing that is never expected or sought. Lucas has spent the last several years caring for his dying mother who suffered from dementia, as well as deteriorating health. Basically enslaved by his stepfather after her death, Lucas lives in his own home at the man’s good will, so to speak, as he tries to pick back up the reigns of his life. But with no job experience and no college degree, Lucas finds himself as waitstaff at a local BDSM club where he begins to explore the idea of being a little to a Daddy Dom. Unfortunately, Lucas is a bit clumsy and, after dropping a tray of glassware, he escapes to the men’s room where he is found by Jacob.

Jacob has only one reason for returning to his old stomping grounds and that’s to sell the house he once shared with his boy and finally break free from the painful past that has held him in its grip. He can barely tolerate being in the house, much less returning to the very club where they once played. When the new waiter causes such a stir and Jacob finds him in tears in the restroom, he offers the man a ride home. But after driving Lucas home and seeing how he is treated by his stepfather, it breaks Jacob’s heart and, before he can stop himself, he brings Lucas home on the premise of the man helping to clean and clear out the house for selling. However, soon the two come hatch a deal: until Jacob leaves in a mere twenty-eight days, he will be Lucas’ Daddy and help him figure out just what that means—no strings attached. Unfortunately, Lucas is already attached, and spending the next few weeks learning he is special and not just some freak makes him even more aware of how much he wants Jacob to be his Daddy forever.

Between the complex layers of Jacob’s grief over his boy’s death and his survivor guilt, it’s so very hard for him to really see how much he is actually hurting Lucas by allowing him to emotionally invest himself in a short-term relationship. When the blinders finally come off, Jacob is shocked and almost heart sick at what he has done, and poor Lucas is just devastated that the man, the Daddy, he thought was going to stay is leaving after all. A Daddy for Christmas is truly a novel that pulls back layer after layer of trauma for both men and reveals their desire for love and stability. It’s just so hard for Jacob to reach beyond his memories of his lost love and that is the crux of the story here. Then there is the side plot of how a boy discovers his true calling as a little and a fresh and candid look at what that means. Never is it a one size fits all scenario that author Victoria Sue offers up, but instead a gentle reminder that each person in this type of relationship is unique to the boy’s desires and limits. The story is so well done from this perspective.

I think those seeking a story about such a specific kind of partnership will find real delight in reading A Daddy for Christmas. It is a sweet and gentle romance about a second chance at love.

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