beneath the opal arc coverRating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel 

In the midst of a fierce battle between the witches and the werewolves, Lawrence sees a young witch building a powerful, magical arc that acts as a dome over the battlefield. Lawrence is surprised not only by the witch’s incredible ability, but also that he appears to be helping the werewolves by locking the witches out behind the arc. When the man is injured and near bleeding to death, Lawrence can’t resist trying to get him help. As a vampire, Lawrence was working with a wolf pack to fight the witches, and he brings the man there for help. But while the wolves agree to help heal the witch, it is clear that the area is not safe for the young man for long.

Remy is exhausted after using up nearly all his energy building the arc, but he knew he had no choice. The witches wanted to use his incredible power to destroy the wolves and Remy refused to be used that way. The only thing he could think of to stop it was to build the arc to keep the witches out. But now he has committed treason against his own people, not to mention that he is still in enemy werewolf territory. Fortunately, Lawrence makes a fierce protector and offers to take Remy to the vampires for safe haven.

The trip to the vampire castle is not an easy one. The men can only travel at night due to Lawrence’s aversion to sunlight, and the werewolves are still on their trail. But the men find an easy companionship, and a definite attraction. Remy is all in for acting on their desires, but Lawrence is worried. There are many years between them and he fears Remy will want more than Lawrence can give. But Remy is clear that he knows what he wants and soon the men find themselves falling for one another.

Even as they make it the vampire holdings, danger is still looming. The arc will not hold forever and, when it falls, the witches are sure to come looking for Remy. Now it will take all their combined strength and power to help fight off the attack and have a chance for a future together.

Beneath the Opal Arc is an interesting mix of paranormal and fantasy. We have a world with vampires, werewolves, and witches, but the setting very much feels like a traditional historical fantasy. I found this made for some engaging world building and Colgin does a nice job showcasing these three different supernatural groups. The witches and vampires get the most focus and I found the witches, in particular, to be an interesting group. As the story develops, we get plenty of background on the conflict between the wolves and witches, as well as the larger world in general.

In addition, this book has a nice road trip feel, which is a favorite trope of mine. I enjoyed seeing Remy and Lawrence get to know one another and seeing Lawrence soften in the face of Remy’s sunny personality and constant questions. It gave a chance to really feel the men getting to know one another and made their ultimate connection feel believable at the end. They are a fun pair. Lawrence is big and strong and gorgeous and Remy pretty much wants to climb him like a tree from the moment they meet. Lawrence tries to hold off, but he can’t resist Remy for long. I appreciated that while Lawrence appears to be the stronger partner, Remy very much can hold his own. He is a little naive about the world, having been sheltered by the witches and not being taught much about other species. But he is brave, clever, and extraordinarily powerful in his own right, so the men feel quite well matched.

We get some exciting moments here as the men journey to the vampire lands, including a big battle at the end. So there is a nice balance here between the quieter moments where the two of them are traveling together, and the more intense scenes. Things wrap up nicely with the main storyline, and there is an HEA for the men. However, I’m excited to see that this is the first in a series and we have been given a glimpse into their next adventure and it looks to be really interesting. So I am definitely looking forward to more here.

If you are looking for a engaging road trip story with a mix of fantasy and paranormal, definitely give this one a look.