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Length: Novel

Bring to Light is the third book in the London Lies trilogy. The books are intended to be read in order and this review will naturally reveal plot points of the series.

Jackson Young is still trying to clear his name of murder and he is back in London with Fletcher Doherty. They now know the darkness that lives within the Payne empire and they are looking for justice. But nobody is going to take their word for it all as Charles Payne is the most influential man around.

On a mission to get proof, Jackson and Fletcher cannot deny the heat between them and the longing they have to call each other home. But finding a home together will just be a dream if either of them are silenced for good.

This is a fitting, if expected, end to the London Lies trilogy. The pace of the first two books offered tension and intrigue and this third book offers the same, along with the final conclusion.

After being followed and threatened in Ireland, Jackson and Fletcher come back to London to not only clear Jackson’s name for good, but to take down the Payne empire and find justice for Tallulah. There is more that is uncovered about Jackson and the media agency he was connected to and the dark and illegal business they run. Diego is back as well and offers tension to the book as Jackson and Fletcher have no choice but to race to get the story out, but it’s difficult getting anyone to listen to them.

I liked following along with this entire story and seeing the full plot come together, as well as seeing Fletcher and Jackson continue to fall for each other. They have great chemistry and get each other on a level that no one else in their lives ever has. They both also get closure for personal areas in their lives, as well as in the larger plot.

As the story progressed, I did find that what was revealed was more expected for me and I did miss having a more exciting reveal. By the end, the bad guys came off as evil villain caricatures and I was hoping for a little more given the first two books. The personal side to Fletcher and Jackson’s relationship finds its home as well and we see them in a good place at the end. It’s also still not clear to me why this series is set in the 1990s. This book offers a few specific references to the time, but it only pulled me out of the book as the series as a whole doesn’t have a specific presence to that timeframe.

This series offers intrigue, deception, and the take down and rebuilding of a media star. The relationship between Fletcher and Jackson is a highlight as it evolves a lot over the course of the entire series. For an intense series that will hold your attention as it plays out over three books, look toward The London Lies Trilogy.

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