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Length: Novel

Gavin likes adventure and has no issues going skydiving, until he is blown off course and almost crashes into Eliott’s car. From the start, both men think the other isn’t the type they would usually be attracted to, but with adrenaline pulsing, the men hook up within minutes.

Gavin certainly wasn’t looking for a relationship and he never thought a buttoned-up lawyer like Eliott would be the one to take his breath away. Eliott can’t stop thinking about the gorgeous man with the long hair and, while he is completely unprepared for Gavin, he wants him fiercely.  But their lives are different and Gavin thinks Eliott could never take him seriously and Eliott thinks that Gavin will eventually get bored with him. The attraction is the easy part, but fitting into each other lives will be the challenge.

Ex-Daredevil follows Ex-Bandmates in the Local Beats series, but works fine on its own. The book opens with Gavin and Eliott meeting in an unexpected way and the attraction is heated from the start. Even though Eliott isn’t one for random hookups, he can’t say no to the most beautiful man he has ever seen. Gavin then leaves abruptly, maybe a little too abruptly, but his thoughts on the initial meeting do get worked into the story.

The guys are opposites with Eliott being a lawyer and Gavin a free-spirited, adventurous assistant to a rock star, and both men think they aren’t good enough for the other for a variety of reasons. I liked these characters, but the overall story didn’t flow as well as I would have liked. The book is told in dual POV and, while the chapters are labeled, as the conversation went on, it was not always clear who was speaking and for two different characters, their voices were too similar.

In order to balance out their differences, the men put together a bet to take each other on three “daring” dates versus three “boring” dates and, at first, it seemed too focused and formulaic. But then the dates get interrupted by insecurities and a storyline involving Eliott’s ex that seemed wedged in and the planned dates lost steam for a while, then circled back, and then never made enough of an impact.

Gavin and Eliott were great together when they were alone and brought out sides of each other they each had been looking to share with a partner. I did like the men together, but the overall structure and tone of the story seemed to fight itself at times and it didn’t keep me as engaged as I would have liked.

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