Rating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novella

Brant Hudson is Dr. Romance, a licensed family and marriage therapist who also has a talk show. After working with his patients to help them repair their relationships, Brant invites the willing ones on his show in order to share their renewed love. But when a new client comes into the picture, one his producers insist needs to be on the show, Brant knows something is off. That’s not how the show works. But he’s willing to meet with the ex to find out if he can make it work. The only problem is Jacob Cruz wants nothing to do with the show.

Jacob is a matchmaker, and he takes the personal approach to finding his clients the one person they’re meant to be with forever. He thinks reality TV is fake, and has no interest in being on Dr. Romance. When Brant calls, he hangs up, despite the tingle of attraction at just the man’s voice. And when Jacob meets the man, the attraction grows. But Jacob wants nothing to do with the show. Even if they keep running into each other.

Brant has a desperate need to show Jacob he’s not a charlatan, and he manages to do so. But the attraction between them is intense and immediate, and Brant can’t walk away from the enigmatic Jacob. But Brant doesn’t come clean with Jacob, and when his producers’ machinations come to fruition, it might just signal the final end for their budding relationship.

This book was originally published as Mister Romance, but it has been heavily revised and expanded into Love Brokers. While the premise is the same as in the original, it’s no longer the same book of eight years ago. So dive in with a new tale, with a hint of Christmas in the midst, and watch two men fall in love.

There was a lot I really enjoyed about this book, namely the two MCs. Both Brant and Jacob are hopeless romantics. Or rather, I should say hopeful romantics. Though neither of them is currently in a relationship, they both believe wholly in true love. Jacob’s life is all about getting couples together, and he has a near perfect success rate. Brant’s career and passion is keeping those people together when they have lost hope. It’s two sides of the same coin and a really lovely mix. 

These guys are well drawn and adorable, big hearted and sweet. But Jacob has been burned badly by his last relationship, so while he still believes in love, he’s not looking for it for himself at the moment. Brant just hasn’t found the right person. That is, until he meets Jacob. Their connection and chemistry is instant, and Chase does a fantastic job of showing this. I was right there with them every step of the way as they find their way to each other.

But the one thing that impedes them is also my quibble with the book. A miscommunication, or rather a lack of complete honesty on Brant’s part, is what derails everything. While Brant truly thinks he’s shut down the thing that would cause them trouble, he had ample opportunity to tell Jacob about it far ahead of time. But he doesn’t, and then circumstances keep him from warning Jacob right before it happens. So this frustrated me to a degree, along with Jacob’s too easy forgiveness and acceptance at the end. 

But having said that, I still enjoyed this book. It’s short and sweet, and the chemistry between the MCs really works. Would I have liked them to have a conversation before everything went sideways? Definitely. And I would have also liked to see them talk about things more before the end. But I love Chase’s author voice, and it made it easy to fall into the story and go with the flow despite my frustrations. While Christmas is mentioned, it’s not a large part of the book, but it has a lovely winter feel. And two MCs with insane chemistry that make this book work. 

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