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At almost three months since Justin’s accident, things are finally settling down a bit for Justin and Dallas. The insurance money has been approved, taking a big weight off of Dallas’ shoulders. Justin has recovered more memories and is getting stronger physically, able to put in some time at the shop. And Justin is even starting to have an interest in sex once again, something that delights both men. After so much struggle, things finally seem to be settling back into place, albeit for a new normal. But when someone from Justin’s past reappears, the progress Justin has made may be in danger. But with Dallas’ support and Justin’s determination, the men will find their way through to their happy ending.

Pieces of Us ties up N.R. Walker’s Missing Pieces trilogy, giving us the resolution to Justin and Dallas’ story. This series reads as one long story and this book once again immediately follows the last, so you definitely need to read these in order.

In this final story, we see things really slotting into place for Dallas and Justin. It’s amazing how far things have come since the first book, and it is rewarding as a reader to see these guys finding their happiness after such a hard time. Justin is not just improving physically, but he is much more settled mentally. I enjoyed the camaraderie among the group at the shop and watching the men all together. We also see Justin’s determination to rekindle his and Dallas’ sex life, and there are some sweet and sexy scenes where things heat up again between them.

From a plot standpoint, this one doesn’t have a ton of action, but unlike with Pieces of Me where things felt a little stagnant for me, here it worked better. Perhaps because it is the final book and things were all tying up for the men, it felt less like we were just watching the ins and outs of their day-to-day life. They also face a set back in the form of someone from Justin’s past, and it really highlights how fragile it all is. While Justin has gained so much strength and independence since his accident, his life will never be the same as it was and he functions in new ways. So this aspect of the story gave some nice conflict, as well as really showcasing the aftermath of the accident from a long-term sense.

As always, the heart of this book is the bond between Justin and Dallas. Dallas continues to be a total dreamboat — sexy, sweet, solid, and always willing to do anything and everything without complaint. As I have noted before, he is a bit too good to be true, but I think Dallas’ nature really allows us to focus on Justin and how he is progressing. There is such a bond of love between these men and a sense that they will do anything for one another. The “missing pieces” of the series title are not just the things that Justin has forgotten, but also the way that Justin and Dallas complete the pieces of one another.

At times, I felt that three books was too long a format for this story, as there really isn’t an in-depth plot to carry so many pages. So I think the first book fares the best out of the three in that respect. But I still really enjoyed this series and Justin and Dallas’ journey. It all comes together really nicely here and I loved the way the story finishes.

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