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Length: Short Story

Sam never gave much of a thought to prom. She gets it, intellectually, but she doesn’t herself care for all the fuss and nonsense over a single school dance. But Sam’s best friend (and crush) has gone gaga over the idea of prom, squeeing and sighing over the various dramatic and romantic promposals going on at school. Sam’s eyes cannot roll hard enough. But when wandering through the mall, Sam finds something that makes her think maybe dressing up for prom isn’t such a bad idea.

It’s a wonderful, simple, elegant thing with clean, tapered lines and a sharp, androgynous style. It’s perfect. And it’s expensive. But Kieran, equal parts fairy godfather and kindred spirit, offers Sam a job. After all, considering her height and build, it’s not like she can just rent the suit. She’ll need it tailored to her. Sam says yes. It looks like she’s going to prom, after all.

Sam and Tash have been best friends since they were ten years old, bonding over a pair of old Converse sneakers. Ever since then, they’ve done almost everything together and know almost everything about one another. Tash doesn’t know that Sam is gay. Because, well, Sam hasn’t told her. Hasn’t told anyone, really, It’s not that she thinks anyone will mind or really care, but she’s just not ready yet. At least, she didn’t think she was until Tash revealed that she’d kissed a girl while she was on summer vacation with her family, and that she’s pretty sure she’s bisexual.

Sam… doesn’t really pick up on the hint.

The friends to lovers angle is beautifully played out. The author manages to convey a wealth of experience and shared memories in a story less than fifty pages long, and builds a sweet, lovely romance between the two girls. Sam’s entrance at the prom was romantic without being cheesy, and the only thing Sam changed in the whole book was her outfit. Not her personality, not who she was. She stayed true to herself from page one to the end, and Tash was delightfully patient through the whole thing.

This is an adorable YA romance well worth the read. And while it isn’t exactly a holiday romance, it still has that happy, sugary, and cheerful atmosphere that suits the season for those needing a quick pick-me-up of fluff.

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