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Length: Novel

Cameron has been fake dating billionaire, Rein, for a long time now and even though he doesn’t want it to be fake, he knows Rein will never commit to him. It started as a business relationship, but it was always more for both of them. Cameron never wanted a relationship and he never wanted to get married, but with Rein, he wants it all. And then Rein asks Cameron to marry him. Except that’s fake too—or is it?

Reaching Rein follows Resisting Rein, and is the fourth book in the Gilcrest University Guys series. You would want to at least have read Resisting Rein before this one, but Cameron and his friends do make up this series and their journey starts in book one, Chasing Chance.

Cameron and Rein think they have been fake dating, but really they haven’t clued into the fact that they are really dating. Cameron knows he wants it to be real, and he doesn’t want Rein to pay him for his time and he wants Rein to take back all of the money he has given him. This is Rein’s first relationship with a man, but he has no idea how to have a relationship at all. He likes having a bit of leverage over Cam and even though he knows he wants more, he messes up letting Cam know that time and again.

The men can’t keep their hands off of each other or their clothes on whenever they are near each other and the physical part of their relationship falls in line easily. They are great together and everyone sees they should be together (once Cam’s friends find out he is even with Rein), but these guys can’t quite make that happen.

The book flows well as it moves along in time, but Rein and Cameron already had a first book and they still can’t get it fully together for most of this book, and there may have been a little too much back and forth for these guys.

Still, I like Parker’s writing and we really get to see all the sides of Cam and he’s a fun character and Rein balances him out. It’s also helpful that Rein is a billionaire and makes not only Cam’s dreams come true, but helps his friends out as well. All of the characters are great in the series and the family of friends they have created is another highlight to the story. Jordy’s story will be next and I look forward to catching up with the Gilcrest University Guys once again in 2021.

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