Rating: 2.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Andreas has been making some bad choices, but can’t seem to stop himself. He’s young and single, but he’s getting himself into trouble with the men he goes home with. The guy who always watches Andreas at his favorite bar turned him down, but Andreas has not seen the end of Luca.

Luca has a quiet life and is afraid to risk his heart on love. He thinks the gorgeous guy at the club is way out of his league and watches him from a distance. But their personal and profession lives are about to crash together. With a push from well-meaning family, Luca finds himself on a date with the man of his dreams. Andreas and Luca fit together instantly, but they have to figure out if it is true love or just the spirit of the holiday season.

This book started out holding my attention with Luca and Andreas being introduced. Andreas regularly goes out clubbing and hooks up with different men, but he’s not enjoying it much anymore. He’s putting himself into dangerous situations, but he’s not sure how to stop himself. And then his personal and professional life meet up.

Luca doesn’t think he is good enough for a man like Andreas. His family is way too involved in his business and it’s his sister that arranges a first date for him with Andreas. The book is then heavy on the instalove and their relationship moves at lightning speed with a lot of details being off page.

Both men like role playing with some mild BDSM added in and they try it out with each other from the start. The men don’t know each other and there is no real discussion of limits or wants or needs on page, with the exception of Luca saying he won’t hurt Andreas and Andreas choosing a safe word. The scenes then fell flat for me because there was nothing developed between the men. They are attracted to each other, but the way this came across to me was not enough to feel the heat between the men we are told they have.

Their relationship then moves forward and jumps six months. It seems they moved into together after their first date and everything was happening at the same time. The scenes were going on, Andreas was instantly fitting into Luca’s family, and their relationship was just moving along without seeing it develop.

Andreas does not get along with his family and they are introduced on page at the end of the book and, by that time, it didn’t fit in as well to the story. There was also a story tied in about Luca’s ex that didn’t settle well into the overall story here, either. Also, Andreas had a friend that he would go clubbing with and then once he gets together with Luca, the friend is never mentioned again. The epilogue again jumps ahead in time and we are told of some of their adventures and misadventures in the bedroom in an overview style without seeing it.

I liked the characters as they were introduced, but the fast pace and lack of on page relationship development didn’t work for me with this one.

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