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Length: Novel

Teddy Spenser might be on the lookout for vintage clothing on a budget, but he is definitely not looking for any romantic complications. His Instagram-hungry ex has cured Teddy of any desire for a happy ever after for the foreseeable future. At least he has a job he likes and that allows him to stretch his creative gene. The latest project, an interactive vase that changes with a person’s mood, is almost finished. At least, that’s what Teddy thought until the snobby tech guy, Romeo Blue, brought him schematics with an electronics package that practically swallowed the vase whole. Romeo Blue—as if that could possibly be his real name. Teddy doesn’t exactly dislike Romeo, he just limits any time spent with the man to…next to nothing. So when their boss tells them they both have to go pitch the idea to a very wealthy woman in Seattle, one of Teddy’s idols, Teddy bites his tongue and off the two of them go.

Neither Teddy nor Romeo expect to be put through a series of tests—from hiking to cooking a meal for the woman, but they stoically give it their best shot. Anything to land this backer and her money and keep the company from caving—a very real possibility. But that’s not the only thing to surprise the duo. No, the fact that they end up developing an incredibly strong attraction to each other along the way is the thing that puts both Teddy and Romeo in a tailspin with some very sexy results.

Author Kim Fielding’s new story, Teddy Spenser isn’t Looking for Love, is utterly magical. Dare I utter the words, “instalove?” Well, yes…and no. Oh sure, the “I love yous” come quickly in this story, but oh the journey until they are uttered is just marvelously complete. I never once disbelieved the feelings that develop between Teddy and Romeo. This is an absolute romance complete with opposites who find common ground without even looking for it and tenderness that is so genuine it makes you feel all soft and squishy inside.

Being thrown together for several days and expected to complete tasks that Teddy is quick to fail means close proximity and getting to know each other in a very real way. It helps they share a hotel room and a bed due to poor timing and overbooking, and it also helps that everything they each initially thought about the other is based on false first impressions. Thankfully, both men are willing to admit that and from there things move along quite nicely.

There is so much to love about this novel. From the quiet moments when Teddy struggles with his fears that any serious relationship is doomed to fail, to Romeo’s incredibly humble and sweet demeanor, one cannot help but root for these two to get together. I so enjoy reading romances where the characters feel genuine and the setting somehow so realistic, despite the convenient happy ever after at the end.

Teddy Spenser isn’t Looking for Love is the perfect story to cozy up with any time of the year, but especially during the holiday season. Once again, this author delivers a hopeful and romantic novel that is sure to please the dreamer in us all.

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