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Marcus Rivera is an enforcer in the Kincaid Pack. Protecting the pack is the most important thing in his life, so important that he works too hard and the pack’s Alpha has to force Marcus to take a break.

Deputy Robson Medina, thanks to something he shouldn’t have seen, believes Marcus is covering up something MAJOR. Against the sheriff’s order to stay away, Robson spends his free time following Marcus, determined to find out exactly what that cover up is.

Thanks to pack intrigue and a growing possibility of war, Marcus and the rest of the Kincaid pack are determined to do what they can to gain the upper hand to try to stop it and make sure the people responsible for the chaos are brought to justice.

With everything that’s going on around Marcus and Robson, there is an attraction between them that can’t be denied…no matter how hard they try. Finally realizing they can’t fight the mate bond growing between them, they throw away their differences and admit their love. The question is whether their relationship will be able to survive the magic and threats to the pack and their family.

I love the Kincaid Pack series. I’ve been with them from the beginning. All of the stories are connected by a compelling mystery with loads of intrigue. The Deputy and His Enforcer continues that mystery. I really liked how the author was able to balance that with the powerful attraction and love between Marcus and Robson. As with the previous installments, this book grabbed my attention and didn’t let it go until the final page. I read it in one sitting, staying up way past my bedtime so I could finish.

Both Marcus and Robson are likable characters. They are good men who want to protect and take care of their loved ones. Once they meet, their chemistry is instant and powerful. They try to fight it. Marcus isn’t sure if Robson, a human, would want to mate and stay with a shifter for a lifetime, and Robson isn’t too sure about being with someone who is (possibly) involved with covering up a crime. These moments of doubt are nicely written. They’re not overly angsty. I never found myself putting my Kindle down and walking away because I needed a break. That often happens when I’m overwhelmed by that sort of angst. While I might not consider Marcus and Robson’s relationship instalove, they do get together rather quickly. They’re together without actually acknowledging it. Their connection is deep, and the sex? WOW! The heat between them is nuclear. The sex scenes are the perfect combination of loving and filthy…my favorite kind.

Another thing I really enjoyed about The Deputy and His Enforcer is the humor. It’s well written and it’s not what I’d consider “in your face.” I laughed out loud several times. There’s a scene where a shifter sex education class is offered at the city’s rec center. Sure, that’s fun, but when Robson stands up and takes over, I was overcome by giggles.

There are lots of background characters here. Also, there are lots of crossover characters from the first two books, however there’s no need to make a chart to keep track of them. I will tell you, however, it’s necessary to read those books so you know who everyone is and what their roles are. This is not a problem. As I said, it’s a great series right from the beginning and reading the first two is not a hardship.

I can’t explain the entire plot here. That would be a very long review. Summing it up, there are other shifters (and witches too) who want to see the Kincaid pack gone, and they’re willing to do just about anything to make sure that happens. This book continues with that concept and adds much more. Through it all, there is so much love, not just between Marcus and Robson, but between the couples from books one and two, and between Robson (and later Marcus) and his family.

My only knock on The Deputy and His Enforcer is how the ending felt rather sudden. I wasn’t paying attention to how far I’d already read, so I was a little taken aback. Maybe it’s because I didn’t want the story to end. I’m excited about what’s next with the Kincaid pack. I have the feeling we’ve only scratched the surface. I very much recommend this one.

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