Rating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Novella

Evan has been in love with his best friend, Tyler, for years. He knows Tyler doesn’t feel the same way and Evan has devised a plan to be able to kiss Tyler under the mistletoe. But Evan rethinks his plans as three different former crushes of Tyler’s show up at Evan’s family’s ski resort. Evan is convinced that they all want Tyler and Evan is going to set out to prove to Tyler that they can be more than friends.

If you are looking for a light, easy to read, friends-to-lovers book set around the holidays, The Ghosts of Crushes Past might be what you want.

Evan and Tyler have been friends for years and Evan has been crushing on Tyler for about as long. He sees Tyler have one crush after the other over the years and thinks he will forever be in the friend zone. When three of Tyler’s former crushes show up at the resort, Evan thinks everyone wants Tyler and even though Tyler never thought of Evan as more than friend, that is about to change.

I like the feel of this author’s books, but there is usually something early on that sticks out at me that throws me off and that happened again here. It won’t affect everyone’s enjoyment, but it did throw the book off a little for me early on.

Evan and Tyler won’t be the most memorable characters for me, but this is a fast moving book as Evan devises a plan to get Tyler to kiss him and, while things don’t go according to those plans, Evan and Tyler will certainly find their way together for a holiday season they will never forget.