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Length: Short Story

Noah runs a small gift shop that, like Noah himself, has a bit of a secret. Noah just so happens to be a witch, and his shop, Charming, sells more magical items than mundane, but right now, he and his shop are focused on the winter holidays. It’s the busiest time of year and the only time, really, he gets to spend any time with Robin, his seasonal employee.

When Robin finds out that their mistletoe bundles have been bespelled, leaving random customers embracing whomever or whatever happens to be closest and giving everyone in the shop (and some outside it) quite a show, Noah knows at once what must be done. Recall the beribboned bouquets at once. But while gathering up the mistletoe before some unwary shopper finds it, Noah and Robin happen to touch hands. What follows is the kiss of a lifetime. A kiss that, as far as Noah is concerned, can never happen again!

This is a silly, sweet story, just perfect for reading over a holiday weekend. Noah is a very present character — helped by the first person point of view — and the reader is dropped right into his frazzled, anxious, confused and besotted head as he can’t stop thinking about the kiss. He’s always had a thing for Noah. They’ve known each other for years, worked with each other for years, but while Noah can stare at Robin’s hands and imagine touching them or being touched by them, he can’t look Robin in the eye and ask him for a date. It would be … unprofessional! He’s Robin’s boss, which means Robin is off limits. Even if Robin felt the same way. Which, of course, he doesn’t. He couldn’t.

Appalling was a good word. This whole issue was appalling. And I still couldn’t believe that I’d let it happen not just once, but twice. What was I thinking? Oh. Right. I hadn’t been. Magic and hormones and all that.

Robin, on the other hand, has the patience of a saint. He’s worked with Noah for years, trying to give hints. Trying to be subtle … but Noah isn’t exactly quick on the uptake. Noah’s hung up on the boss/employee relationship, which is great. He’s right to think a boss hitting on his employee isn’t a great thing. But Robin wants Noah almost as badly as Noah wants Robin, and with the mistletoe magic giving him a chance — giving them a chance — Robin’s not going to let it slip through his fingers.

“I am really, really sure. I would like to have a pleasant evening, and you’re pissing me off. Go home, think about what I said, and pull your head out of your ass. Because it’s a very nice ass, but your head doesn’t go there.”

This short story is a perfect finishing bite to the holiday season. It’s cute and fun, without relying too heavily on any one particular holiday. It has two adorable characters, some nice warm heat, and a happy ending — even if Robin has to be the one to steer a slightly perplexed, but perfectly willing, Noah along.

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