Rating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Short Story

It’s Jake and Kit’s first Christmas together and Jake intends to go all out. He’s gotten Kit twelve kinky presents, starting with red and white striped panties and working his way up to something bigger that he hopes the two of them will be able enjoy together. Kit, though, has only ever sampled vanilla flavors in bed and isn’t certain he’s up for something spicier. But Christmas is the season of giving, and Kit is determined to give Jake’s present a chance.

Kit has only had two lovers and neither of them made him feel half as good as Jake can make him feel with a simple kiss. Jake makes Kit feel cared for and loved, makes him feel giddy and happy, and while he was, at first, overcome with Jake’s job and appearance — Jake is a lawyer, and a good one who goes around looking like a model — there’s an ease to their conversations that lets Kit relax. Jake pushes Kit to try things he wouldn’t on his own, like a novelty ice castle of a night club, or the ruffled panties Jake asks him to wear.

Jake is a lawyer, a profession that requires drive and hard work. He’s used to being the one in control, helped by being over six feet tall and rather good looking. So imagine his surprise and delight when Kit was the one who kissed him. Jake loves Kit’s fire, the way he leaps with both feet and a whole heart. He’s also gorgeous, funny, talented, and Jake wants to make their first time together special, to let Kit know how special he is to him.

For all that this is a kinky short story involving light bondage, there’s a lot of focus on the relationship between the two men. The ease of conversation, the trust they have in one another, the joy and honest pleasure they take in one anothers company. This is a fun little read that I quite enjoyed. The bondage scene was sweet, with Jake constantly checking up on Kit — who was pretty gung-ho-ho-ho once he got used to it — with cuddles and aftercare at the end. Definitely a cute story to stuff in someone’s stocking.