his fairy share audio coverStory Rating: 4.5 stars
Audio Rating: 4.5 stars

Narrator: Greg Boudreaux
Length: 11 hours 51 minutes

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Wizard Quinn Broomsparkle and his dragon mate, Twig Starfig, have been together for six months now. The pair are bonded, but they are still not officially mated, as they are not sure what the process will do to Quinn’s magic. Other than Twig’s dragon chafing at being unable to mate, the men are doing well. Twig is settling into his job on the city council, and is managing to do some good (even with his father’s meddling). And they are happily living with their growing clan. However, Quinn has been summoned to his former realm by their High Council, and it looks like he will have to go. Quinn has no desire to return to the realm that sold him into indentured servitude as a sex slave, but he needs to find out what they want with him. Plus, he hopes access to their libraries will help him figure out how to safely mate Twig without losing his magic, as well as to help their ghostly parrot, Pi, find his way to the afterlife.

When they arrive in Quinn’s home realm, things are difficult, but not necessarily in the way they expected. Quinn is somewhat of a celebrity, being the first man with magic in a thousand years. He has witches throwing themselves at him in hopes of mating, which is making both Quinn and Twig crazy. The High Council also seems unusually interested in Quinn, wanting to work with him and even bring him on as a member. But at the same time, it is also clear something more nefarious is happening. Quinn can sense magic working against them, but it is not clear the goal or where it is coming from. On the plus side, Quinn does have a chance to reconnect with his best friend, Cora, as well as his younger brother, Zak, the only member of his family he can stand.

When Zak goes missing, Quinn and Twig will do anything to find him. As they dig into his disappearance, they also start to get closer to figuring out who is looking to harm them, and soon it is clear they are in for real trouble. All is not right in the realm, and Quinn is determined to help set things straight, even as the situation becomes increasingly dire. But with the help of Twig, his new pirate friends, a red fury, and more surprising allies, Quinn will lead the charge to stop the evil that has befallen and bring freedom and safety back to the realm.

His Fairy Share is the third book in Meghan Maslow’s excellent Starfig Investigations series and it may be my favorite so far. Unlike the first two books that are told from Twig’s POV, this time we are in Quinn’s viewpoint and it really adds a nice dimension to the story. While Twig is all dragon magic and brute power, Quinn is still settling into his new abilities, as well as his new life outside of indentured servitude. He has come a long way, and he is incredibly strong, as well as powerful in his own right. But Quinn is a very different character than Twig, so it was really interesting to have this story told from his POV. It works perfectly here, as we are in Quinn’s home world and so while they still do work together as a couple, this story is more of Quinn’s journey.

The story takes a bit of time to set up, though I did find the early parts interesting as we learn about the realm, meet Quinn’s friends and family, and see him working to uncover information both about the mating and about Pi. But once the pieces are in place and things start to take off with the mystery and adventure side of things, it gets really exciting. Once the action starts, it really almost never stops and the magical battles and thrilling fight scenes are just so much fun. It all comes together in a satisfying way, and I loved seeing Quinn really come into his own power and ability here.

On the relationship end, things continue to be strong between the men, but the mating issue is still a thorn for them. Figuring out how to mate safely is proving a challenge and both men are frustrated that the process is taking so long. There are some moments the men struggle, particularly after some threats make Quinn doubt his own worth. But the love between Quinn and Twig is so solid and they make such a fun team. I love the way Quiinn is able to temper Twig’s more dragon-like behavior when it gets out of control. The guys are a great balance for one another and I love the way they support each other so well.

I once again listened to this in audio with narration by Greg Boudreaux and he is just doing such a stellar job with this series. There is a playfulness to these books that is really so essential to the stories and that Boudreaux captures so well. Because while there is a light-heartedness to the books, there is also a lot of intensity and it takes balance in the narration to get them both right. Boudreaux gives us a wide array of voices, everything from our two main characters, to side characters that include a tiny fairy with a superiority complex (Twig’s dad), a proper red fury, and more. The voices are all nicely developed and distinct. I particularly appreciate how well Boudreaux handles the women’s voices and everyone feels natural and fitting their character. I am really enjoying experiencing these books in audio and the narration is wonderful.

So His Fairy Share was another great installment of this series. If you like your fantasy with a high dose of fun and playfulness, with two really engaging heroes, definitely check out this series.

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