new coming this weekHi everyone and Happy New Year to you all! I am hoping that 2021 brings a better year for all of us!

I can’t believe tomorrow ends the holiday lull, as I am expecting work to be crazy this week as everyone comes back from their various days off (of course, I work part time so I don’t get leave, but most of my co-workers were out the last two weeks). We do have a bit of respite coming though, as we are taking a long weekend at the beach. It will likely be freezing, but there is still nothing like a walk on the beach!

On the blog, we are catching our breath after the holiday rush. The start of January is always a bit slower, which is a good change of pace around here as things are pretty insane from early November onward. Here is what we have planned this week…

  • Review: Breath by A.J. Sherwood and Jocelynn Drake (Jay)
  • Audiobook Review: Sticky Fingers by Davidson King (Sammy)
  • Guest Post: Extra Time by C.F. White
  • Review: Give Way by Valentine Wheeler (Jovan)
  • Review: The Cul-de-Sac by B.J. Irons (Michelle)

  • Review: Lava Red Feather Blue by Molly Ringle (Jay)
  • Cover Reveal: Uncharted by Alli Temple
  • Review: Extra Time by C.F. White (Elizabeth)
  • Review: Just a Little Heartache by Merry Farmer (Sue)
  • Review: Demon’s Wish by Xenia Melzer (Kris)

  • Audiobook Review: Enemy of My Enemy by Tal Bauer (Jay)
  • Audiobook Review: His Fairy Share by Meghan Maslow (Jay)
  • Coastal Magic Blog Tour with Nikki Wolfolk
  • Review: Big by Casey Cox (Veronica)
  • Review: Love, Logan by Tilly Keyes (Camille)

  • December Favorite Books
  • December Favorite Covers
  • Review: Ranger by Nora Phoenix and K.M. Neuhold (Jay)
  • Review: Vintage by Steve Berman (Elizabeth)
  • Guest Post: Mazarin Blues by Al Hess

  • Review: Mazarin Blues by Al Hess (Jay)
  • Review: Rescued by the Married Monster Hunters by Ennis Rook Bashe (Sue)
  • Review: Earth Husbands are Odd by Lyn Gala (Sammy)
  • Guest Post: Through Rain and Missing Minotaurs by Jeanne Marcella

And that should do it for this week! Enjoy!

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