new coming this weekHi everyone! I hope you had a great week!

As I’m sure you know (or can imagine), this has been a crazy week here in the U.S., but I am feeling a sense of optimism for the first time in a while. Just feeling like there is a plan for so many things, COVID in particular, is so comforting. And I am thrilled that after a lot of getting on lists and tracking down resources, both my parents got their first vaccination this week. They are over 75, so they both qualify for the earliest priority groups in our state. Stressful process, but good news!

On the other end, my daughter left for school this week, so I am missing her already (though I have talked to her 15 times since she left). And we have a sick cat who I am worried about, but more tests to come this week, so keep your fingers crossed for us it resolves quickly.

Oh, and I almost forgot… Monday is my birthday!

Well, that is what is happening with me. Here is what we have planned for the blog….

  • Review: Forgiven by Garrett Leigh (Michelle)
  • Review: Liminality by T.J. Nichols (Elizabeth)
  • Cover Reveal: Queen’s Ransom and Silent Knight by Layla Reyne
  • Review: Bound in Fire by Debbie McQueen (Veronica)
  • Review: Charisma Check by Charlie Novak (Sammy)

  • Review: Other Half by Jordan Castillo Price (Jay)
  • Review: Winter Waites by Lucy Lennox (Jay)
  • Guest Post: The Beautiful Thing Shoppe by Philip William Stover
  • Review: The Boss by J. Calamy (Sue)
  • Review: The Deal Breaker by Terry O’Reilly (Camille)

  • Review: Soulmates by Liv Rancourt (Jay)
  • Review: The Reluctant Royal by Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead
  • Guest Post: Liminality by T.J. Nichols
  • Audiobook Review: New Horizons by Hailey Turner (Jay)

  • Review: Of Secrets and Wolves by Alice Winters (Jay)
  • Review: Feast of Sparks by Sierra Simone (Michelle)
  • Guest Post: Grumpy Bear by Slade James
  • Review: Sow the Wind by M.L. Gray (Sue)

  • Review: The Same End by Gregory Ashe (Jay)
  • Review: Sonata Form by Carole Cummings
  • Guest Post with Drea Roman
  • Coastal Magic Blog Tour with K.C. Burn
  • Audiobook Review: Red Dirt Heart by N.R. Walker (Sammy)

And that should do it for this week!

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