Today I am so pleased to welcome Slade James to Joyfully Jay. Slade has come to talk to share an exclusive excerpt from his latest release, Grumpy Bear: A Bear Camp Novel. He has also brought along a copy to give away. Please join me in giving Slade a big welcome!



I allowed myself one more excruciating moment of only looking at him, three more heartbeats, two slow steps toward him, and finally allowed the velvet seal of heat between us to close in a full embrace, our bodies sliding together, our cocks lining up, and all our limbs interlocking like some kind of docking spacecraft.

A great sigh poured out of me across his shoulders, and then I inhaled the scent of his hair—chamomile and damp hay drying in the sunshine.

I felt his groan against my chest, and then his arms went under mine, squeezing my ribcage with a strength that took my breath, then he did something no other hookup had ever done. He started to slowly twist from side to side.

He held onto me, our hearts thudding together, cocks pressed between us, throbbing without movement or friction.

He was just… hugging me like he’d been missing me for ages. And I thought it, I sent it out to him with my mind and my body, without saying a word, I’ve missed you too.

For half a second, I panicked at this unexpected, unallowed full admission of something unable to be named. A total, complete awareness within myself, some kind of recognition. I barely knew who he was, but I couldn’t stop thinking Here he is at last.

Here was something I’d forgotten I’d been waiting on. Like a pain in the body you grow numb to or a worry that plays so constantly in the background you’re no longer aware you’re tuning it out.

A loneliness. A deep lifelong loneliness that had just ended. It evaporated. It left me like a contraction releasing. I only knew it was there when I observed it leaving.

For now at least.

Shit. Could it come back?

I didn’t want it to come back.

I stiffened, and Luke pulled us apart, looking up at me. Would he see the depth of emotion in my eyes and know?

Fearing he would, I took action. I shifted out of his embrace and caught his face in my hands, lifting him by his jaw and crushing my mouth against his. Hard. He breathed noisily through his nose, unable to escape me, and at the moment I thought he might pass out from lack of oxygen, I broke the kiss, grinding my beard against his scruffy chin, hairs rasping in hundreds of tiny sword fights.

Pulling his head so his throat lay flat, tendons stretched taut, I hovered my lips along the cord of muscle, breathing against his neck, as close as I could get without touching down. He gasped, anticipating some bolder contact, and I gave in to the impulse to devour him again, clamping down hard on his trapezius, right where his neck met his shoulder.

“Fuck.” His voice was soft. He held his breath and tensed against the bruising openmouthed bite. It occurred to me the teeth marks would be visible to everyone tomorrow, and suppressing an animal growl, I bit him harder.

When the noises he made bordered on pain, I released him. The kiss that followed was… somehow even more incredibly tender.


Hooking up with an employee is not on my to-do list.

Making sure other men have a good time is my business, even if it means suppressing my own desires. It’s opening weekend at my clothing-optional campground, guests are starting to arrive, and I’ve got a pool party and a few hundred peoples’ vacations to save while battling Mother Nature’s tantrums.

The last thing I need is a temporary employee who can’t even put up a tent.

Luke Cody’s not my type. He’s too young, too pretty, and too much like my late partner. Another flaky musician? No thanks.

But when a storm blows down his campsite, I can’t just leave him outside and soaked to the bone. Now he’s staying in my cabin, sleeping in my bed, and worst of all, he’s completely ignoring the proverbial sign over my head that says Grumpy Bear: Do Not Approach.

I’m not quite as immune to his charms as I want him to believe, but he’ll only be here for a few days.

Nothing’s going to happen…

Grumpy Bear is a boss/employee, grumpy/sunshine romance set at a gay campground full of bears. (Not shifters; the other kind of bears.) It’s the first full-length book in the Bear Camp series and can be read as a standalone.

Amazon Kindle Unlimited – January 28, 2021!


One summer, not so long ago, Slade James started writing gay romance, turned fifty, and met the love his life. (In that order, in a matter of weeks!)

Slade and his partner, Stevie, live in a magical land in the American Southeast where three states converge. They call it “GeorBamaSee.” They can be found playing disc golf in the parks, hiking in the mountains, kayaking in the creeks, and living in their own real life romance.


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