Today I am so pleased to welcome Sariah Skye to Joyfully Jay. Sariah has come to talk share an exclusive excerpt from the Lookin’ For Mr. Right charity anthology. Please join me in giving a big welcome!

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That Thin Line

There are three days that now stood out in my mind as the absolute worst, most terrible, awful days of my life.

And of course, as these things often went, all three days involved my dick. My dick, and a dick.

Today was one of those days, officially worse than the day my swim trunks fell off at the public pool. Right in front of all two-hundred people in attendance that day; many of them classmates.

The laughter was deafening, and to this day? No one at school could let me live it down. And to make matters even worse, after that everyone knew about my peach-shaped birthmark on my left buttcheek. It earned me the nickname of “Peaches” which stuck all throughout high school.

One person in particular wouldn’t let me live it down. That would be the “dick” I mentioned before:

Javier Diaz.

That was the first day.

The second day again involved my dick, and a dick. The dick.

Javi and my older brother, Connor, were outside playing football or something—of course, I wasn’t invited to play.

So, I I watched them out my bedroom window as I sat and did my homework. Or… pretended to. Javi ended up taking his shirt off and oh my fucking lord,the goddamned boner that sprung up couldn’t be controlled. It had a mind of its own.

It was all too much for teenaged-me to take. Like a complete perverted peeper, I dropped my damned shorts, wrapped my hand around my dick, and started to stroke. All was fine and well and really going places until Connor and Javi disappeared from view. I imagined they just ran around the house, but nope. Unbeknownst to me Javi was inside, I must have groaned out a “Yes!” and suddenly, the door opened to my bedroom just as I was shooting all over the windowsill, barely able to control my damned moan.

Javi appeared mortified, and his dark eyes lifted to the window and realized exactly what I had been jerking off to. I was too caught up in my post-orgasmic bliss to do much, but Javi stepped forward, grabbed a pillow from my bed, and tossed it to me. “So, uh, your mom wanted me to tell you dinner will be ready in ten minutes. So… might wanna get cleaned up.” He motioned around the vicinity of my dick and said no more as he left.

Javi never looked at me the same after that. Not that he really ever saw me at all. I was his best-buddy’s kid brother. Just a pest, and an annoyance. I used to follow him and Connor around like puppies, hoping they’d let me do things with them, but I was always pushed away. I won’t lie: it kinda hurt. I had my own friends, but none of them made me feel what Javi did.

And, after all of that you’d think that would be the worst day of my life, right?

Wrong. I said there were three, remember?

That brought us to today. Right now. This was “Day Three of Andrew Eaton’s Worst Days Ever That Involved His Dick and Javier Diaz”.

Today was the day, fifteen or so years after the Great Jackoff Event of the early 00s, that my dick got me in trouble again, and I woke up, hungover, and in bed with my brother’s best friend. Oh, and did I mention the gold band, wrapped around my left ring finger? And the one he had wrapped around his?

What in the fuck did we do?


Lookin' for Mr. Right coverLookin’ for love?

Finding love is never easy, but when these men go on their journey to find Mr. Right, we find out just how right it is. From funny and sweet to steamy and unexpected, these are sixteen stories you won’t want to miss.

Look for love in all the right places.

Lookin’ For Mr. Right is a limited edition charity anthology and all proceeds from this set will be donated to The Trevor Project.


The Authors Involved include:

J.J. Riley & Suki Gale
A.J. Macey
Tiegan Clyne
Joanne Ganci
Kinkaid Knight
Logan Grey
Bee Murray & CJ Vincent
Helena Novak
Charlotte Brice
Aspen Black
Sariah Skye
Maya Nicole & Bitt Andrews
Adora Crooks

Along with Inked Imagination Publishing

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