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Why I Love Mpreg and Omegaverse MM Romance

Today my fourth mpreg book publishes. Trio: Friend, Lover, Mate is my third book within the Vale Valley shared magical universe. Created by Giovanna Reaves, this universe features shifters, witches, gods, humans, and all sort so magical creatures. It is a small town full of love, magic, and heart.

Two years ago, I published my first LGBTQ romance, a contemporary hurt/comfort story called Loving Him. At the time, I imagined myself writing contemporary stories. I had never given a thought to writing mpreg or omegaverse stories.  f you are not in the know, mpreg means male pregnancy. Omegaverse stories can include mpreg (but not always) as they have alpha and omega characters. These designations often have to do with strength and sexual differences amongst male characters, including knots for alpha and uteruses for omegas. If you haven’t heard of mpreg or omegaverse, all of this may seem a bit strange.

In fact, sometimes people have very negative reactions to the entire idea. Men having babies? Why on earth? What is the point of that? Aren’t those men now really women? I think this reaction is sometimes based on our own internalized misogyny. Many of our readers of MM/LGBTQ romance are refugees from MF romance, having left that genre because of the stereotypical representations of women. So why would we want to see men becoming pregnant and giving birth? Won’t that just bring all of those issues over to gay romance? All these questions are valid and important to ask. The ways authors answer them depend on the worlds they wish to create in this sub-genre.

Some authors explore gender and sexual dynamics in complex omegaverse/mpreg universes. Leta Blake’s Heat of Love series comes to mind.Others write fluffy, funny stories where omegas experience the joys and annoyances of pregnancy as male characters make families together, such as Susi Hawke. I write mpreg because I find it fun and interesting. I have been inspired by the creative omegaverse and mpreg universe I’ve read from writers as diverse as Piper Scott and J.D. Light.

For me, omegaverse means that the bounds of reality are mine to make as an author. My male characters can have children together just like men and women do in traditional MF romance. At this point, all of my stories involve shifters and at least a touch of magic. I feel more freedom in my writing within this sub-genre than I do in writing contemporary. I love my contemporary stories and will continue to write them. But the rules of life are less malleable in contemporary romance. I am stuck within the confines of reality as it exists around me. And, a good deal of the time, I don’t want to live, read, or write there. I want to experience a world beyond the one I live in everyday. And that is why I love mpreg and omegaverse stories. They allow me to imagine beyond the contemporary reality where I can create families in any manner I want.

In that spirit, I write about amnesiac Christmas elves, silly selkie shifters with no confidence, Santa Claus and his naughty assistant, and trios of horse shifters brought together by fate. Not all of my stories feature pregnancy and babies. They don’t all need it. But I love playing within the omegaverse dynamics. It can be warm and fuzzy or deadly serious. The possibilities are endless. And I am very happy to explore as many as I can imagine.

Today that means I bring you a story about friends-to-lovers, good magic/bad magic, and finally requited love. Two alphas find their forever omega who unites their hearts in a way they could never manage before. I hope you enjoy my feisty horse shifter firefighters and their powerful mate as much as I enjoyed bringing them to life. And if this is your first trip into the mpreg/omegaverse realm, welcome and enjoy the ride.


trio coverWhen your love is secret and you can’t see a way forward, magic will provide a bridge. 

Colt, a shy Clydesdale shifter, loves his friend and fellow firefighter, Eddie, more than words can say.  Only one problem, Eddie has no clue.  Colt can’t see how Eddie would every love him back and his emotions threaten to tear him apart.  Leaving his beloved horse and their magical hometown of Vale Valley behind might be the only answer to saving his heart.

A carefree and high-spirited Arabian, Eddie loves his life fighting fires alongside his best friends.  He and Colt have been tight since they were kids, but any thought of more has never popped into Eddie’s mind.  But when his closest friends start meeting their fated mates, he begins to yearn for something more.  Could the answer to his desires have been right by his side the whole time?

Magic shakes the foundations of the two horses’ lives when their fated mate emerges from the flames of a raging barn fire.

Val is a latent horse shifter on the run from dangerous and dark magical forces bent on his capture and destruction.  But with his newly discovered mates by his side, maybe, just maybe, Val’s chaotic life will finally bloom into the happily ever after he has always craved.

Trio: Friend, Lover, Mate is book 14 of the fifth and final season of the Vale Valley magical universe.  Expect plenty of horse pranks and hijinks, danger, dueling magical forces, and all the love and magic you’ve come to expect from Vale Valley.

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Drea roman avatarDrea Roman is an overeducated lady with cats, a ferret, lizards, a fiancé, a sister, and a wonderful village of likeminded friends, authors, and artists. All of this coupled with too many day jobs makes Drea a ridiculously busy woman.

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