Today I am so pleased to welcome T.J. Nichols to Joyfully Jay. T.J. has come to talk to us about the new release, Liminality. Please join me in giving T.J. a big welcome!


The Dark Fantasy World of Liminality

Most of what I write falls firmly into paranormal or fantasy romance. Things may get hard, and bad things may happen to the heroes, but at the end of the day good triumphs and love wins (as it should). Occasionally thought, I like to delve into dark fantasy.

Dark fantasy differs from fantasy in more than one way. For a start, the setting and tome is grimmer. There’s an ominous and hopeless air and the line between good and evil is blurred. Heroes are more likely to be reluctant or unwilling. They may not even be doing the right thing for the right reasons.

The Kin (vampiric fae beings) live in a world that is very different to ours, and the humans that inhabit the human world of Liminality. The Kin aren’t evil, but their world has different values and different rules. Those that live in the castle are warriors tasked with defending the boarder from human intruders.

The worlds of the Kin and humans meet at night when the Kin castle appears on the lake. It is the only time that it is possible to cross between worlds. And the only time the Kin can enter the human city to trade and feed.

The humans of Liminality live in a city by the lake. Those closest to the shore are the poor, while those up the hill are rich—you know who the Kin feed on already, don’t you?

It is a city poised on the edge of an uprising because of the widening gap between those that can be hunted and those that trade with the Kin.

The Kin castle is also facing upheaval when a new arrival, Umbra, refuses to play their role.

All it takes is one chance meeting between Elliot and Umbra for the match to be struck and for the city burn.

While neither hero is willing, they do what is needed to survive and to help each other survive. And while starting a revolution they accidentally fall in love.

I like writing dark fantasy because even though the situation is dire and the odds are against the heroes, there is always hope. And in these uncertain times hope is a precious commodity.


liminality coverLike everyone in the Dark City, Elliot Brand never has enough coin for anything. There is never time for more than survival. He does everything he can to make sure he and his brother, Dayne, have a place to live. But when his brother goes missing, Elliot suspects the worst—that he has been taken by the Kin.

The Kin live in a castle on the lake that only appears at night. They trade with the rich up the hill. In exchange for giving the rich the orbs that light the city and healing nectar, the Kin are permitted to hunt humans in the Dark City.

Elliot swore on his mother’s death bed that he wouldn’t let harm come to Dayne, so he makes a plan to go to the castle and get his brother back. Dazzled by the wealth and the attentions of Umbra, a Kin with their own plans, Elliot gets caught up in machinations far beyond his wildest dreams.

But Dayne has tasted Kin blood and become one of the devoured. Elliot’s plans quickly unravel. If Elliot and Umbra are to survive, they’ll need one another.

For readers who like dark gay fantasy romance, revolutions and rebel princes.

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