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Lucky Harrison has come a long way in life. From a petty thief turned drug lord’s boyfriend; to time in prison; to the cocky, brash man he was when he first got hired at the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau, a lot has changed for him. And now, Lucky is settled into a life he never imagined for himself. He is happily partnered with Bo Schollenberger, the love of his life. Lucky has a beautiful baby boy, and another little one on the way. Add in the house, reconnecting with his family, and his collection of close friends, Lucky has everything he could want and more. So when all that is threatened, Lucky isn’t going to take it quietly.

Between a murder, attempted kidnapping, arson, and more, someone from Lucky’s past is making it very clear that he is looking for revenge. But Lucky hasn’t worked so hard to find love and happiness to let some low life take it all away. Now, with Bo’s help and his friends at his back, Lucky is going to fight to protect the life that he loves.

Benediction is the ninth and final book in Eden Winters’ wonderful Diversion series. I have made no secret of my love for this romantic suspense series, which I have enjoyed in both ebook and audio format. So, oh, let me tell you how bittersweet it was to start this story, knowing it is the end for two characters and a great ensemble cast I have grown to love. Winters does Bo and Lucky proud here, giving them an ending that ties up their story neatly, with plenty of suspense and excitement, a big dose of friends and family, and the sweetest of love shining through between the men.

One of the best parts of this series is the wonderful suspense elements and the way Winters carries the threads throughout the books. Here we find Lucky facing danger as an unknown someone from his past threatens all he holds dear. At the same time, the men face complications at work, and Lucky wonders if it all may be tied together. The story is exciting with some fun moments, lots of intensity, and a great resolution that ties up some elements and brings together characters from across the series. It wraps up the work side of things nicely and really give us a chance to see Bo and Lucky in their elements one last time.

While the suspense side of these books is always stellar, the heart of this series is without a doubt Lucky and Bo. They started off hating each other, as the rule-following, straight-laced Bo finds himself face to face with “cocky bantam rooster” Lucky. Not only were the men opposites, but Lucky was unable to even consider letting anyone into his life. He had such walls, keeping his family at a distance, terrifying his co-workers, and having no friends. One of the most rewarding parts of this series has been not just watching the relationship between the men blossom, but also seeing Lucky find those real connections with people in his life. The bond he shares with his sister, Charlotte; the close friendship with Rhett; the almost parental relationship he has with Walter; and even his friendship with former neighbor, Mrs. Griggs, all show a man who is loved and who has come so far from someone who wanted nobody in his life. What I have really liked in the series is that it is not just Lucky who has changed, but Bo as well. Yes, he is still the more rule following of the two of them, but he has softened somewhat and is a little more likely to push boundaries than he was before. The two men are slowly meeting in the middle, and it just highlights the connection between them.

While this story gives a great resolution for Lucky and Bo, there is a short story, Domestication, bundled with the book that gives us one more look at Bo and Lucky’s lives together. It takes place shortly after the main story ends and feels very much like an extended epilogue, rather than it’s own story. I’ll admit to getting a little misty, seeing Bo and Lucky with all their friends and family and the happiness and love between them. There is also an epilogue to the short story that takes place far in the future and it is a perfect cap to their journey.

So I am sad to see the ending for Bo and Lucky (though I am still making my way through the audio so it’s not totally over), but I have to say I think Winters has done an amazing job with this final story. It is everything I could want to cap off this fabulous journey — exciting, suspenseful, loving, sexy, romantic, and sweet. It showcases everything that I have loved about these books and gives us a wonderful ending. I hope you all have had a chance to enjoy this series, and if not, I can strongly recommend you check it out.

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