Rating: 4.75 stars
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Length: Novel

Egan is a dragon, living in the Sixth Realm since his father was murdered by emissaries of King Tarjak of the adjacent Fifth Realm. Tarjak is land and blood-thirsty and attacked the monarch of the Sixth Realm, nearly mortally wounding King Rodick not so long ago. His heir, Prince Raiden, was not prepared to succeed his father and is immensely grateful that his father is well recovered. During his time of struggle to keep up the morale of the Realm, Raiden met Egan, and divined the secret of his magic. Instead of feeling shunned and scared, Raiden nurtured a friendship with Egan, which has now grown into the bloom of young love for one another.

Raiden and Egan were a part of a party seeking assistance from the monarch of the Third Realm against their mutual enemy, King Tarjak. They were successful at gaining several hundred warriors to bolster their defenses, but Tarjak’s men are ready for battle, and it won’t be long before the arrows begin to fly. Egan is terribly worried for Raiden; their love is still fresh and new and exhilarating, and he knows that Raiden could be wounded or worse in battle. And Raiden does all he can to outfit and train Egan to be a swordsman, instead of the blacksmith he was raised to be. All the able males and females of the Realm are volunteering to join the fighting ranks and defend their homeland. It is likely that the battle will be horrible.

Egan also now has status as Consort to the Prince, and he’s elevated in rank and prestige. It is not something he would choose, but he knows that it’s important for the sake of decorum. Raiden and Egan are so sweet with one another, and they have no misunderstandings about the gravity of their current dire circumstances, so they make their moments count. Egan’s whole family is welcomed in the castle, and his own mother is overjoyed to see Egan linked with a worthy and loving partner in Raiden. Their love is true and pure, and that is what ends up causing the biggest stir once the battle begins. Because Egan will not allow Raiden to come to harm, even if it means sacrificing his own safety.

Bound in Fire is the second book in the Dragon King series and best enjoyed when read in order. For those who enjoy YA fantasy stories with a solid romance plot, this is a good story for you. Egan and Raiden take turns narrating, but it’s more Egan’s story this time, as he is going to experience the most character growth. The pacing was quick, with a great summary of the first book and moving right on to the challenges of this story. I love the supporting cast on both sides, with the courtliness and commonfolk truly coming together for battle, heartbreak, and jubilation. There are excellent moments of magic, worldbuilding, and character development that are not sacrificed for furthering the larger plot arc of uniting all the Realms, as related in a prophesy they are only discovering. Egan and Raiden take their time with one another physically, as they develop all the emotional intimacy they need in order to create a bond that will stand strong in the face of an uncertain future. I’m so charmed by this world and the adventure, I cannot wait to read on in the next story.