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Length: Novel

Hudson Madden is a big, bulky, tatted gym owner whose business is struggling. He’s got three college-era besties, Porter, Sterling, and Steel, who have been by his side for more than two decades. They are all in their 40s and are part of the Daddies of Daylesford—an unofficial crew of mature men seeking younger, sensitive men to love and cherish.  Hunter has an interest in a specific man, Liam Wright, a local weathercaster from the nightly news. Liam’s always got a sassy quip to complement his fantastic ASSets that somehow always makes the forecast, too. The thing is, Hunter’s really only just coming out of a depression following the suicide of his last lover a few years ago.

Part of Hunter’s recovery is to meditate and see himself as the man he is, not how others see him. His appearance is formidable, but he’s a gentle giant who really relishes cuddling and tantric exercise rather than the “power top” impression his bulk evokes. That’s why he’s been so tongue-tied whenever he’s seen Liam out and around town. Yet, when Liam turns up in his gym looking for a personal trainer, Hunter’s timidness is overcome by his professionalism…eventually. Having a recognizable client is sure to help out his business, and Hunter’s lead trainer goads him into asking Liam for a little free publicity. And Liam agrees, but he has a need of his own: a fake boyfriend.

Liam Wright is hoping to get a big job offer any day. He  grew up with the aspiration to be the best weatherman on TV and his agent is sure a national NYC-based morning show is thinking him over to replace their aging personality. In his late 20s and with all the right metrics, Liam has been building his resumé any which way he can. That hasn’t left him any time to date, or even find a casual sex partner—not that Liam really wants one. He’s attracted to men, but he’s not always turned on, in general. But being near Hudson does something for him, and Hudson’s willingness to cherish him in all the ways that please without getting tops and bottoms is tender and delicious. Hunter helps Liam see that sex is what two partners do to feel close, and loved, and whole. And, Liam is so humbled and loved that his big plans for a New Year escape are dimmed. It’s a hard choice for him to make, now that he’s finally found a man that completes him is all the ways he’s felt lacking. Liam doesn’t know which choice he will regret more: leaving Hunter or not reaching for that coveted job. It doesn’t take him too long to figure it out, though.

Forecast is the third book in the 99 Daddies series, but it is fully enjoyable on its own. In previous books, we saw Hudson’s friends Sterling and Steel find boys of their own. I really enjoyed getting to know these characters and recognizing how different they were from the other couples in the series. Hudson is such a contraction of physical and cerebral, and his grief softens him further. Liam is young and a bit brash, but only professionally. He’s insecure about his peopleing skills, and he feels lost and left out in terms of sexual attraction and experience. He lets others tell him what he should do and how he should feel, but Hudson gives him the space to just be. Their “fake” relationship is little more than a word, because these guys are 100% attracted to one another and can’t stop crossing the line into intimacy. Nor do they want to—it’s a bonus for Liam to be seen as the steady and stable type, and Hudson’s gym is only getting more clients. But the fallout of the coming separation is looming over them, and their experiences are turning more bitter than sweet.

That said, it’s a super happy ending with Liam and Hudson finally following their true dreams and making happy tantric love any, and every, time they so desire. Now, we’re only waiting for Porter, the sex addict Daddy, to find his forever boy.

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