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Length: Novel

After being away for years, Mia is returning to England. She has moved in with her brother and is opening a florist shop and trying to put the memories of her ex behind her. It’s not easy to start over in a place she already knows and that knows her; it’s especially difficult when she learns her former high school boyfriend, Luke, the boy that broke her heart years ago, is back in town. Mia wants nothing to do with Luke — well, that’s what she tells him anyway.

After Luke’s father died, he joined the military to earn money for his family. He felt he had no choice and leaving town was the last thing he wanted to do since that also meant leaving Mia. The two ended on bad terms and with no discussion of what came next; Luke just left one day. Now, he’s running a roofing business and trying not to let his mind wander to the girl he left behind. When Luke sees Mia again, all of his feelings for her come rushing back as well, but Mia isn’t exactly welcoming. The chemistry between them is still as hot as ever though and they fall back into bed, while desperately trying not to become friends or admit they care about each other.

First love is hard to shake and the more time they spend together, the more time they want to spend together. But a dangerous threat could put an end to their future.

Forgiven starts a new series from Garrett Leigh that mixes MF and MM stories. This book features Luke and Mia, former high school sweethearts who never got over each other after Luke abruptly left town.

Mia is returning to England after a failed relationship and she is bitter and prickly. Her walls are up and when she sees Luke again for the first time, she doesn’t even try to disguise her disdain for him. Of course, she thinks Luke still looks good and deep down she wishes she could just fall into his arms, but Mia isn’t having any of it and refuses to even be in the same space as Luke. Luke knows he hurt Mia, but since he wasn’t around, he doesn’t realize how much, and he has mountains of his own issues to work through.

And that’s the thing. They each have many issues and many things that have hurt them and so much emotional turmoil, they fight themselves and each other every step of the way. They might not be the most likable characters, and maybe not every reader will understand them, but Leigh writes them in a way that shows how they feel. I did feel I got to know Mia better than Luke and some of his motivations and his relationships with his mother and brother are a part of his story and I didn’t feel like I had the full picture.

There is a stalker storyline tied in here as well and that area didn’t work for me. It was one more thing added to an already full storyline and the stalker is not detailed and all the words created for him could have been used elsewhere, as this added nothing to the storyline for me.

Leigh’s books are often some of my favorite to read, but I did feel the writing here didn’t provide the content I am used to from this author. The next book in the series features Gus and Billy, the brothers of both Mia and Luke, and I will be looking forward to learning more about them.

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