Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel

Justine has had enough of living with an abusive, cheating husband and decides to have him killed. She hires Campbell and trusts Campbell to get the job done. Justine didn’t expect to be attracted to Campbell and then fall in love with them, but that is what is happening. It’s a little more stress than Justine can take—planning a murder, having an affair, and falling in love, all while trying to carry on as usual.

Campbell has their own reasons for becoming an assassin. A military background left them alone and traumatized and they don’t allow anyone to get too close. Campbell certainly can’t have a relationship and keep their career, but spending time with Justine changes everything. Campbell is planning the perfect murder, but Justine may realize that the intended victim may not be who she thought as Justine’s husband wants her dead as well.

Rien Gray is a new author to me and I really enjoyed getting to know Campbell and Justine. It’s a shorter book that moves quickly as revenge is played out. The book starts already in motion as Justine has already contacted Campbell to murder her husband. Campbell is an intriguing character and Justine is attracted to them from the start and Justine isn’t quite sure what to do with that. Campbell’s intense attraction to Justine surprises them and Campbell at first thinks Justine could be their next conquest, but it quickly turns into more than that. However, Justine isn’t aware that her husband wants her dead too.

Campbell was the more interesting character for me and we learn about their military background, but I also felt there wasn’t enough given to fully understand the move to becoming an assassin. We learn a little bit of why Justine wants her husband dead, but I also didn’t feel the story went into enough detail for me to fully understand the move to have him murdered. I would have also liked to have known how both Justine and her husband knew exactly how to contact a hired killer, as it’s never explained.

The relationship between Justine and Campbell is a large part of the story and their chemistry is written well. I liked that Campbell being nonbinary is simply part of the story and, while they are concerned about Justine’s overall reaction, Justine is attracted to Campbell for exactly who they are. They do fall hard and fast for each other, but I was able to easily move right along with them every step of the way.

Love Kills Twice is the first book in the Fatal Fidelity series and leaves room for more with Justine and Campbell and I am already looking forward to catching up with them again.