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Length: Novel

Anything can happen at a truck stop. If you’re not careful, you can even fall in love.

I hate relationships. It’s why I became a trucker.

Long nights on the road mean you’re never in one place long enough for a guy to break your heart.

But when my rig breaks down in the small town of Bear Springs, I discover my ideal life might not be so ideal after all.

How can I keep truckin’ after the anonymous man at the local rest stop steals my heart?

I find myself falling for him more each day, until I learn a secret about him and I can’t keep pretending it’s a casual fling.

He’s stolen my heart, but can I push past my fear of rejection and make him mine?

Or will I fall flat on my face like last time, and end up totally “trucked?”

Totally Trucked is an opposites attract low angst MM romance with an age gap, high levels of heat and steam, and a happily ever after that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy as “truck.” It is the first in a series of four age gap novels slated for early 2021 release.

The blurb for Totally Trucked was right up my alley. I enjoy stories with lots of heat. Age gap is one of my catnips. And the review request we got described this book as including light Dom/sub role play and light praise play. So like I said, this should have worked for me. But unfortunately, almost from the start, I could tell this wasn’t the book for me, and by the time I hit 25%, I decided to move on because I was having a hard time pushing myself to continue.

Ok, before I go too far, a quick recap of what happened in the first quarter of the book, since I realize the blurb doesn’t really explain much. Jax is a trucker who likes using glory holes. He stops in the small town of Bear Creek and sucks off Logan in the rest stop bathroom (though they don’t see each other or know who the other is). For months after, Logan and Jax can think of nothing but that bathroom encounter. Jax comes back into town. Rinse and repeat.

So first off, nothing much happens in the first quarter of the book. Or I should say, nothing much happens besides scene after scene of Jax and Logan meeting in a truck stop and having anonymous glory hole encounters. And not that I am against sex-filled books, or glory holes for that matter. But it felt so repetitive, with such similar scenes and so little else happening. We see the guys a couple of times in the restaurant where Logan works, and a couple of scenes of the guys jerking off on their own and thinking about one another. And at the point I stopped reading, it seemed clear that at some point the Jax/Logan bathroom hookups would cross over with the Jax/Logan real life diner flirting. But up until where I stopped, there is basically no real plot, no character development, nothing. To be honest, I had to keep reminding myself when writing this review which one was Jax and which one was Logan. It just felt flat and so undeveloped.

I could have worked with a lot of sex and not much else if I had found the writing of these scenes to my taste, but it just wasn’t doing it for me. There isn’t anything wrong with Blakely’s style necessarily, but it just isn’t one that I find personally appealing, and your mileage may vary. Just to give you a feel for things, here are a few examples:

  • Logan jerking off: “I jerk faster until I reach the cliffs of my orgasm, and then I barrel over those fucking cliffs, exploding in hot pungent strings.” (Come is referred to as “pungent” more than once, and … yeah, maybe it is, but pungent makes me think of something nasty smelling, not something sexy.)
  • Jax when giving a blow job: “I let out a primal grunt as the immensity of my need devours me, lapping and swallowing every fucking droplet of pre-come and piss like I want to IV it straight into my veins.”
  • Jax referring to Logan: “He’s so fucking close. His cock is swollen like a goddamn water balloon, and I can’t fucking wait for it to pop.”
  • More glory hole sex: “It’s slick and wet, dripping down my shaft like an aroused animal’s.”
  • And one more glory hole blow job scene: “‘Yes,’ I cry out, before coughing and gagging on the massive hardness, nearly fucking vomiting up my lunch.”

Again, your mileage may vary on all of this, but it just wasn’t to my personal taste. Also, I’ll note that the company Jax works for is called SUCME Trucking. Which, ha ha I guess, but a little eye-roll inducing. The characters also use the word “pussy” as an insult, as in “I refuse to pussy out.” And yes, people do say this stuff all the time. But personally, I find the expression misogynistic and unappealing and not what I want from my romantic heroes.

And finally, the part I read also had so many elements that just didn’t make sense to me and felt unclear or to be unreasonable logic jumps. As some examples:

  • Jax blows Logan in the bathroom and somehow knows it is “definitely [Logan’s] first time getting sucked” based on seemingly nothing other than the fact that Logan is really into it.
  • The guys meet up once randomly in the bathroom, then four months later by total coincidence end up there again together. And again. I mean, they aren’t going every night at the same time or anything. Almost all their encounters in the first quarter of the book are when Logan and Jax just happen to both arrive at roughly the same time on the same night to this same bathroom, purely by coincidence, especially since Jax doesn’t even live there and often months pass between encounters. Not to mention Jax has no idea Logan is even a local and not another trucker who randomly passes through town like he does. It was way too much random coincidence for me that they constantly end up there at the same time, as well as illogical that they just assume if they show up, the other guy will be there too.
  • While Jax sees Logan’s dick and recognizes it and therefore him as the same guy every time (there is a well-placed freckle), Logan has no way to know that it is Jax in the bathroom each time since he is just an anonymous mouth. Yet somehow, in the story he just inexplicable knows that it is Jax sucking him off.

As I said, I made it to about 25% and I am not sure if things continue along in that vein, or if the story develops more as the men realize that the hot guy they are crushing on at the diner is also hot glory hole guy. But, unfortunately, this one just wasn’t working for me and I decided it was time to move on to something else.

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