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When a person passes through a space, they leave behind an echo of their passing, a trail from their past to their future. It’s a fucking nightmare to open myself to the vision of these echoes, but I can.

In the case of public spaces like this, millions of echoes crowd the space—every student, teacher, parent, visitor, every person who’s ever passed through here and every time they passed through has left an echo. Strings overlap in a dizzying display of chaos, but I seek a specific color, so to speak, so focusing on only that helps ease the dysequilibrium. The echoes don’t actually have any color; my brain just interprets the energy of their emotions into color. Oh, there are a thousand different strings with the sickly green color of malicious intent, but I have enough experience with this to differentiate between an old echo and a new one, and eventually I do find the one I seek.

There he is. Fucker.

I follow Darius’ fresh echo through the gym, into the boy’s locker room, to an equipment closet where I can hear muffled laughter. I jerk the door open, taking about half a second to assess the situation. Robbie lays on his side, curled into a fetal position, duct taped hands behind his back, tape over his mouth. Darius has a broom handle, holding it like a baseball bat, and his cronies stand back out of the way of the swing with feral grins egging their leader on.

Fury ignites my powers as I grab Darius by the back of his shirt and pull him to the floor. I find a single thread attached to him, one that leads back to his toddler years and the lessons that he should have learned and the lessons that he actually did learn. I cut that string, unraveling every memory and emotion that led him to this moment in a single swipe of my psychic wrath. I grab the broom stick and turn on Darius’s support system, finding the strings that attach them to Darius, gathering them into a bundle and slicing through them as well. All at once, Darius and his friends begin to whimper and sob, the ones standing fall to their knees, and Darius himself curls into a ball of fear and pain.

It hurts to have your strings cut.


Love the world and don’t want to give it up? Be on the look out for Shattered Pawns, the start of the second trilogy–new characters, new plots, same universe. Want to get exclusive sneak peeks and share with other fans in the love of the series? Join her street team on Facebook: Jennifer Cody’s Cocky Cuties or sign-up for her newsletter here:

Want more soon? Check out her first of the Recovery Road Series, releasing March 1, 2021 on Kindle Unlimited, Forrest’s #Win.


Author Jennifer Cody creates chosen families and relationships that pull heavily on what’s “acceptably” taboo in this M/M gay romance series, The Diviner’s Game Trilogy. It’s a real life game of chess and each person is merely another piece on the intensely watched board that sits between two Diviners. Deadly, thrilling, and dreaded–it’s only a matter of time before… Check mate.



The Trilogy…

Bishop to Knight One:


I have spent every day of the last ten years taking in and caring for my sisters’ sons. The problem is, we’re the sons of Naiads and I’ve never met a Nymph of any kind that cared about her male offspring. The boys don’t inherit the magic required to care for and connect to the waters of the earth, therefore they’re useless to the Naiads. Never mind that I have enough magic to wipe all Naiads off the planet altogether. Not that I would. Probably. My nephews deserve better than their mothers, and as long as those Naiads keep bringing me their sons, I won’t have to destroy them. I’ll even take their stepsons off their hands.

Yes, single parenting can get lonely. No, I’m not going to act on my attraction to my newest ‘nephew’, no matter how many boxes he ticks for me.


The best thing my old man did for me and my brother was die. With him dead, his girlfriend brought Cary and me to live with her brother. Deejay is rich, powerful, and sometimes gives me heart palpitations. I will do whatever it takes except abandon him to make sure Deejay adopts my brother, even if that means I have to insinuate myself into every part of this powerful man’s life. I didn’t plan to woo him, but I won’t ignore the attraction between us for too much longer.

After all, who knows how long I have left to live what with every other person I meet trying to kill me. I don’t know what I did to Houston’s Non-Humans, but I won’t go down without a fight. Bring it.

Bishop to Knight One is a 115k age-gap MM paranormal romance.
Trigger warnings include: off-page past child abuse and on-page descriptive violence. In this family, the boys have tragic backstories.



Knight to Castle Two

Surviving as a human in the world of Non-Humans means that every breath I’ve taken for twelve years could have been my last. If the Demons don’t kill me, the Elves might. Or my brother. I love him, but I love him too much, and I’ve known since I was a kid I didn’t feel all that brotherly toward him. We might not share genetics, but that’s no excuse. I could probably hide these feelings if he didn’t return them. I work non-stop to keep myself out of temptations claws, but as his birthday draws closer, the will to keep my hands off fractures more and more. The only thing binding me to my hands-off rule is a contract I have with a Diviner, but that might not be enough.

My brother has never laid a finger on me, but as my powers grow, so does my need to connect. I can burn every inch of his skin, but my powers keep growing and burning him isn’t enough anymore. I need to connect, I need to push my fire into him with panting, heaving, heavy, delicious strokes. I need to get inside him, but we have a contract to fulfill and I can’t take the man I own until the Diviner gets what he wants. I might implode while I wait; I might burn the world to ash if someone takes Loki from me before I get to taste all of him; I might just do both for the fun of it. The dragon within thinks this world burns for him, and I haven’t yet found proof it doesn’t.

Knight to Castle Two is a 90k Step-Brothers MM paranormal romance.
Trigger warnings include: on-page adult prostitution, on-page descriptive violence, and no-safe-word D/s elements. This is an obsessive love romance with a lot of fire between these step-brothers. In this family, the boys have tragic backstories.



Queen to King Three

I never would have guessed that the best thing to happen to me would be getting abandoned in a stranger’s driveway. My stepmother has always hated me, but she finally found a place to dump me: her brother’s demesne.
I’m broken, small, and terrified of everything, but my Humanities teacher makes me feel almost normal. I don’t know why my body, mind, and heart have latched onto Chanda Marduke, but I’ll take it, even if it’s the most dangerous, terrifying thing I’ve ever done.

Until I walked into my classroom to find a pretty little guy reading one of the textbooks, I had no idea what temptation was. He’s my student, and I shouldn’t lust after him, but the more time I spend with him, the more I realize lust doesn’t begin to cover what I feel for him. Robbie may be the strongest guy I’ve ever met, not brute strength like me, but inner strength and damn if that doesn’t make everything about him more appealing.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, some random Diviner has drawn me into a real-life game of chess where every decision I make could end someone’s life. I’m trying to keep my pieces on the board, but free will is a bitch and the Strings of Fate have tangled into a web trying to trap me around every turn. How do I keep everyone alive without losing the man I think may be the key to saving us all?

Queen to King Three is a 125k Student-Teacher MM paranormal romance.
Trigger warnings include: off-page past trauma and rape, off-page past child abuse, and on-page descriptive violence. In this family, the boys have tragic backstories.



Jennifer Cody writes gay romance of a variety of sub-genres, though her favorite is paranormal/urban fantasy. She uses her husband’s vast knowledge of all things man and mechanical to help her write, but takes literary license with her characters because they’re romantic heroes, thereby making him shake his head in disbelief almost as often as she causes his incredulous laughter.

With three kids at home, the only time she has for boredom is 5 am when everyone else is still asleep, and coffee usually keeps that at bay. When she reads, she usually binges an author’s entire backlist for a few days, but has a few one-click favorites she stalks. Her go-to sub-genres are gay PNR (Paranormal Romance) and UF (Urban Fantasy), but she has a soft spot for certain contemporary MM tropes (falling in love with the Manny, and small-town/rural stories).

Follow her on social media or at

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Jennifer has brought $5 Amazon gift card and a copy of the Diviner’s Game series to give away to one lucky reader on her tour. Follow the Rafflecopter below to enter.

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