Today I am so pleased to welcome E.M. Lindsey to Joyfully Jay. E.M. has come to talk to us about their Irons and Works series. They have also brought along an exclusive excerpt. Please join me in giving E.M. a big welcome!


The Gay Romance Best Selling Series Irons and Works is now available in a collection. Books 1-6 are bundled together with over 30,000 words of bonus content which show a sneak peek into the future of the men from the Irons and Works tattoo shop, and the people they fell in love with.

And from February 4th to February 6th, you can get the entire collection for only $2.99 on Amazon, and free on Kindle Unlimited.

Irons and Works is a little shop set in Fairfield, a small suburb of Denver, Colorado.  Each book follows a tattoo artist through his journey with loneliness, trauma, and sometimes even broken faith, and finding their way to love.

Irons and Works are found family, emotionally angsty romances that feature a diverse set of characters and always happily ever afters.

Irons and Works will begin publishing again in August 2021 with a new book, Scratcher.  Click the link to add Scratcher to your TBR, or join Lindsey’s Liaison, the Facebook group where the first teasers, covers, graphics, and release dates are announced. You can get your copy of Irons and Works here.

scratcher cover



Excerpt from The Honeymoon: A Blank Canvas Bonus Story


“Okay?” Niko asked.

“Great.  Help me stand up.”

It would take maneuvering, and Sam took a minute to be grateful for how many hours he spent on his feet at home—using his walker and strengthening his core as best he could.  He had done it for his health, but standing in the ocean holding his husband was an unexpected benefit he hadn’t ever considered.

And he would treasure it for the rest of his natural life.

He felt unsteady.  His body swayed with the waves, with the way the sand shifted beneath them, but he kept hold of Niko by the hips and when the first surge brought the water above his chest, the feeling was <i>exquisite</i>.  He turned Niko, then he kissed him—deep and filthy, not caring who was watching.

“Are we rich enough to buy a house with a private beach so I can fuck you in the water like this?” Sam growled against his mouth.

Niko laughed.  “Babe, trust me, you don’t want the sand burn.”

Letting out a small sigh, he pressed his forehead to Niko’s.  “I just…this feels…”

“Big,” Niko murmured, finishing his thought.  “And real.”

Sam cupped his cheek.  “It’s always felt real with you.  From the moment I laid eyes on you.”

Niko laughed.  “Right.”

Sam felt a blush burning down the back of his neck, because he would always have those moments of regret with Niko.  How he’d pushed him away, how he’d fought against every instinct and every quiet voice telling him that this thing with Niko was something right, and something good.

He’d do his best to make up for it now, to spend every second he had with Niko treating him like something rare and precious—because he was.  He moved his hands to curl around Niko’s back, then leaned against him.  Their bodies bobbed with the water, the ocean lighter than any pool, and Sam felt weightless.


irons and works series graphicIn the small town of Fairfield, Colorado lies an unobtrusive shop with band flyers in the windows and a neon sign blinking Tattoo. And while it might seem like a nothing little place with nothing little people living their nothing little lives, behind those doors lay epic tales of love and romance.

The hesitant tattoo artist and the Deaf florist who prove that love can transcend anything.

The single man fighting to keep his daughter and the former hockey player who won’t give up on either of them.

The man afraid to lose again, and the coffee shop owner who doesn’t realize he’s exactly the man he needs to be.

The virgin with a past and the lawyer who doesn’t think he’s good enough for a happily ever after.

The straight man with the stammer who finds his truth at the feet of the French-Canadian who knows exactly what to say.

The man with scars both inside and out who trips and falls over the high-heeled feet of the femme bartender with something to prove.

Each Irons and Works story seeks to prove that no matter who they are, or what they look like, they all deserve their Happily Ever After.

This is a complete set with 30,000 words of bonus content.


E.M. Lindsey lives on the Southeast coast of the United States, just minutes from the ocean where their heart lies. Their work can be found exclusively on Amazon.

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