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Length: Novel

Drew grew up in Daydream, Colorado. It’s a small, magical town, but it wasn’t magical for Drew as he was born without magic himself. His family and the people in town never understood this and Drew became an embarrassment to his family and a target for bullies. His one bright spot was Mason, his best friend, but just when Drew and Mason thought they could have something more than friendship, Drew left town for good.

Mason never got over Drew leaving. His heart was broken and he didn’t understand why Drew cut him off without a word. Mason has the ability to glance into the future, but he didn’t see Drew coming back to Daydream. At first, Mason wants nothing to do with Drew, although his heart calls out for him. But as the story of what happened to Drew and why he left town unravels, Mason realizes there are scores to be settled and Drew to take care of. He tells himself they can only be friends, but sometimes, first love is the only love you need.

Blindspot is the first full-length book in the Daydream, Colorado series. It does follow the prequel, Daydream, which was a free story in the Winter Wonderland giveaway and there is a link in Blindspot to download a copy of the prequel. Daydream introduces the town, as well as Sage and Ben, who are visible characters in this book as well.

Mason works at the bakery with Sage and the two have been best friends for years. Sage knows how hard life has been for Mason since Drew left and, while there has never been any romance between the two of them, they rely on their friendship. Mason never knew why Drew left. The two of them were just getting together romantically and, while it’s been 10 years, Mason cannot move past it. When Drew returns to town, he wants to tell Mason why he left, but he can’t (for reasons). Drew had such as hard time as a kid being non-magical and all of his issues stem from that. Mason is mad and wary of starting anything again with Drew, as he doesn’t have answers and expects Drew to leave again, and even as Drew’s story comes out further, Mason wants to help, but he can’t fully let himself love Drew again.

I didn’t really care for the style of this book (and the prequel as well). I was really interested in reading about a magical town and the people that live there, but there is barely any world building and the magic we are shown is all basic stuff. Mason’s magic is that he has “glances” into the future, but he is shown without enough understanding of what he sees to be helpful. Mason and Drew have different stories, yet their voices sounded too similar in many places to distinguish between them. This is also the beginning of a series and other characters are introduced and set up in obvious ways to be future MCs and it didn’t flow well into the rest of the story. The book was long and I felt that a few paragraphs could have covered this entire plot and many scenes were overly drawn out or topics were repeated too often. Drew’s family is also integral to why he left and there was not enough resolution with them to be satisfying. The book also ends on a soft cliffhanger for the next story and what was actually happening was not put together well for me. There may be an audience for this style of story, but it didn’t work for my taste.

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