Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novella

Jason had a hard enough time accepting that he was bisexual, but he did and now he’s out. He has a harder time adjusting when he inadvertently realizes that watching partners cry turns him on. He doesn’t want them to be hurt; he wants their tears of pleasure and denial as he lovingly takes them apart.

Jason doesn’t think he can tell anyone of his desires, especially his best friend, Sasha. Jason never had such a close friend before and he thinks people get tired of him too easily, but he and Sasha spend all of their free time together watching movies and playing video games. Being from Russia, Sasha had a harder time coming out than Jason and, while Sasha knows that he is gay, he has yet to be with a man.

A friends with benefits relationship becomes the perfect way for Sasha to feel comfortable being with men. Jason knows he can’t make Sasha cry, and it’s just one more thing Jason has to fight to push away, but Sasha is about to surprise him.

Crybaby is a super fast read about Jason falling in love with the guy who has been right in front of him all along. Jason is a bit self-deprecating and a bit lonely. His friendship with Sasha is everything to him and he never thought about taking any of it further, as they were friends first and Jason will not mess that up.

Jason likes a bit of kink. He likes being dominant and when he realizes that crying turns him on, he just wants to forget about it because he doesn’t understand how he can want that. The book moves at a good pace to get the feel of Jason and Sasha’s friendship and then the two of them becoming intimate, and then realizing they could have everything together. There was one word Jason uses when describing himself that in my experience is a dated word that could be seen as derogatory and that did give me pause.

Overall, Crybaby is a good palate cleanser between longer books for friends to lovers with a little bit of kink.

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