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Length: Short Story

Jack and Lawson Brighton-Gale have faced many challenges, most of them physically life threatening, but they are happy, in love, and loving life together and with their son. When Jack gets a call from a college at a national park in Tasmania, he’s shocked when the other ranger wants to talk to Lawson. But it quickly becomes clear that a new butterfly has been found, and that’s right up Lawson’s alley. The acclaimed lepidopterist can’t resist a possible new find.

Together, Jack and Lawson set off on this new adventure. Because getting to the butterflies isn’t easy, and it’s the dead of winter. What’s worse is that the pair don’t have a great track record when it comes to their trips. But since they have each other’s back, they’ll make it through the other side, with their lives and love intact.

Jack and Lawson are back in another tale in the Imago series. This one is a short story chronicling a new find for Lawson and a big decision that will affect Lawson’s future. I love these guys, and have since the very first story. I will admit, when I first heard this story was coming out, I worried about what Walker would put them through this time. Their love is always strong, but they have a history of ending up in life threatening situations. Fortunately, there’s much less of that this time around and we get to see them happy and in love, their sweet little family living their best life.

Of course, a new find is going to drag them out to Tasmania. Lawson can’t resist something like that. Not to mention, he’s the best one for the job. I love the way the men communicate and the immense amount of support they give each other. Jack, especially, will follow wherever Lawson goes, but it’s because he’s so solid in his love, and Lawson’s love for him, that it makes it easy. These guys work, and they keep working. The obstacles in their path are all external and this story has few of those. One heart stopping moment that turns out fine, and some really touching, beautiful moments between the MCs.

This story is a wonderful glimpse of their future, and it was great to revisit them. Walker has this effortless way of writing characters that suck you in, and Jack and Lawson are no exception. This one definitely has to be read after the first two books, but the whole series is lovely, and the author makes lepidoptery exciting. If you’re a fan of this series, you’re definitely not going to want to miss this new addition.

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